Takeaway decisive battle: 'left behind' | Baidu war situation?

At the beginning of 2017, the quiet takeaway market has become a wave: the new baked industry data show that hungry, the US group and Baidu three strong has formed an oligopoly pattern, a small company few survivors, a large number of out. Ranking pattern is also beginning to change, the US group 'overtaking', and hungry what the gap is minimal; Baidu take-away is the beginning of 'fall behind' market share, but also frequently spread layoffs, shrink and executives leave the news.

All the industry seems to have been familiar with the industry concentration is increasing, the players have been running out, the play is also gradually changing; industry is large enough and is still rapid growth, burn a few years but profit far away ... ... like once buy, video, A taxi, such a node seems to mean: the decisive battle is coming.

Midfield: burned tens of billions of three strong two strong?

What is the average cost of a single take-away to burn? "See the Boao Forum for Asia hungry the founder of Zhang Xuhao, a reporter can not wait to ask this is very concerned about the problem. 'Each single 1 ~ 2 dollars. According to the data provided by hungry, the daily order volume of more than 9 million single, which means that a year down, burned the funds may be more than 4 billion yuan.

March 20, the US group take-off announced: the platform to complete the order volume of more than 10 million single .This rough calculation, the entire take-out industry, the annual burned funds will not be less than 10 billion yuan.

According to the latest statistics released by the statistics show that from the year 2016, hungry accounted for 34.6% of the overall take-away market share, the US group take-away, Baidu takeaway were 33.6%, 18.5% share of the second And third. Ai media consulting released in the fourth quarter of 2016 data show that the US group take-away, hungry Mody, Baidu take away a total market share of 94.1%, which the US group take-away market share of 40.7%, hungry For 35%, Baidu takeaway for 18.4%.

Hungry is the earliest entry, the market share of the largest take-away company, April 2009 on-line; and the US group take-off on-line time is in November 2013, Baidu take-off is in May 2014. However, the US team is 'Overtaking'. There are take-away industry insiders said that the first quarter of 2017, the city continued to come 'comeback' message, hungry what is the US group overtake.

'We are in the last month's market share is about 54%, is already the first domestic and foreign sales industry, and 2016, the US group take away GMV (turnover) is the world's first.' US group commentary vice president and takeaway And distribution business unit general manager Wang Pu in the media communication meeting said.

Wang Shu in the "China Economic Weekly" reporter said, take away and electricity business, like the fight is the supply, flow and distribution of the three major capabilities.First of all, the US group has a very complementary and the United States and the United States, Can be coordinated with the flow of the matrix, including the US group take-away App, the US group App, the public comment App and WeChat super entrance; Second, with self-help, joined, crowdsourcing and other models, the US group active distribution rider from three years ago Three or four hundred people to the present development of more than 30 million people; Finally, the US group to attract high-quality supply, the current cooperation business more than 1 million.

In fact, the discussion is also of little significance, because the takeaway war stalemate, comeback and was overturned almost instantaneous things, but the spectators do not have to wait too long, because the 'battle' is not far. Year development, take-away market size has reached 100 billion yuan, but also the rapid growth, but the industry is still facing a collective burn and not profitable curse.With the market pattern of clarity and concentration, the market will bid farewell to the barbaric era. The media believes that this means that takeaway war into the second half, knockout is about to begin.

Wu Yanhong released rhetoric to spend 20 billion US dollars to force O2O, do Baidu glutinous rice and Baidu takeaway.Although Baidu takeaway quickly seize the market share of nearly two percent, but the market share of the United States, And did not achieve the industry's second goal .2017 New Year at the beginning of the year, Baidu takeaway continue to come the news of turbulence, product director leave, reduce business area, layoffs, vice president also rumors have left ... ...

Although Baidu official said the company will not give up O2O business, but Li Yanhong also admitted in the earnings report, Baidu 'to reduce the consumption of glutinous rice and Baidu consumer subsidies and marketing costs.' The industry believes that this is still a need to burn a lot of business , There is no budget without the future.

However, Baidu takeaway is still the biggest variable in the market, although it can not be the second, but if it merges with any of the other two, it will bring no pressure on the other. This 'love story' in the capital Driven, has occurred numerous times.

'Six months of the take-away market will be changed from two to two.' Zhang Xuhao Boao Forum for Asia in 2017 annual meeting, said he expected the formation of the three pillars of the situation lasted up to 6 months, the laggard's market share has been 'negligible'.

'No matter who and who merger, the US group take-away will maintain a leading edge.' Wang Po in the case of whether the reporter to respond to the US group will buy Baidu takeaway speculation.

Evolved: from the fight to fight to fight service

Bida Consulting statistics show that the total turnover of domestic and foreign markets in 2016 amounted to 171.65 billion yuan, up 361 percent over the year 2008, 38.21 billion yuan, 10 times the market size two years ago. The 'magnificent' to describe the three or four years to take off the development of the market.

However, has been crazy for several years of take-away market also exposed some problems .2016, CCTV 3.15 evening exposure of the existence of a number of businesses without a license to operate without a license, the kitchen environment dirty mess and other issues, In fact, the takeaway is indeed the last one or two years of consumer complaints one of the hardest hit, black workshops, food safety, health and other issues often seen in the media.

'Happy Valley of the barbaric era of growth has been in the past, quality take-away is beginning to become the user's first demand.' Analysys take-off area analyst Yang Xu told the "China Economic Weekly" reporter, she believes that the life service market has entered the market start-up period The second half, began the second half of the competition, the flow dividend is coming to an end, the core competitiveness of enterprises to the user transfer.

'With the consumer end of the consumer upgrade, only to enhance the service and quality, in order to increase the user sticky, so as to enhance the amount of orders.' Yang Xu analysis, this change is behind the user changes, takeaway from the campus start, but now white collar Is the takeaway market, the main user base, they take the quality and service of takeaway higher than the requirements of college students.

Ereli Consulting released the "2016 China take-away O2O industry development report" shows that users choose to take away O2O platform, the most valued three factors are: food hygiene and safety (33.6%), food taste richness (13.2% ), Take away O2O platform brand awareness (10.2%).

From the second half of 2016, many take-away users have been able to feel: the number of red envelopes less and less, the amount is getting smaller and smaller.Wang Pu said that the subsidy strategy is indeed based on different cities, different user performance, Different competitive environment to develop the US group from the second half of last year, did end the extensive growth, deep plowing as a strategic direction for the future.

For the market is already enough concentration, you can reduce the subsidies began to 'harvest' the hungry and the US group said, did not intend to profit. 'Our goal is not to make money, but continue to penetrate the market.' Zhang Xuhao that takeaway market Continued burning days are coming, many cities have begun to profit, and as long as the market and then grow up for some time, the company's profits can be put before all the money into the money earned within a year back.

Wang Pu also said that only the industry has been the fastest growth stage is the time to make money, for the take-away industry, this stage at least one or two years later. 'Between size and profit, I believe the board and investment People will choose to grow rapidly. Our cash flow is very abundant, the United States group comments currently in addition to takeaway, other business has achieved overall profitability, I need to help them spend money to increase the value of the company.

Future: Become a local service provider

According to the hungry the relevant person in charge to the "China Economic Weekly" data, as of December 2016, hungry what online ordering service users amounted to 100 million, hummingbird immediate distribution platform peak distribution orders more than 3 million single, registered hummingbird Distribution of up to 1.8 million people, including its own distribution staff more than 6,000 people, the standard human efficiency to an average of 35 single.

And the number of active distribution rides announced by the US group has more than 300,000. 'For example, in Beijing, in fact, the number of our distribution staff has been more than one of the' four links one 'in the country, but also more than all landing With the sum of the company. 'Wang Pu revealed.

Wang Pu said that the meal service has a clear peak and trough time period, and the ideal state of the ratio of lunch and dinner 1: 1 is actually difficult to achieve, some regional lunch and dinner vary widely, such as Beijing International Trade District lunch needs far greater than dinner, While the Huilong concept is far greater than the dinner dinner. US group is currently using the crowdsourcing model, with a flexible capacity to solve the problem of wave trough, the community has a lot of flexible capacity can be used.

In addition to solving the efficiency of take-away meal delivery, takeaway companies are also considering how to make full-time feeders do more things to develop more flexibility and play a greater role in the last mile distribution of everything, which is almost Take-away company common future planning. Takeaway only as part of the company, city logistics is the future of the final, take-away platform will eventually become a local service provider.

Wang Pu said, such as the US group has just launched the 'run errands' business, is the United States Mission 'city logistics strategy' an important part of the user can provide some 'help to help' service. Shunfeng actually have a similar business , But the service price is very expensive, which is related to the distribution of the express delivery industry, while riding an electric car take-out meal service is a great cost and efficiency advantages. 'And so crowds up scale, we have enough surplus The rider to do this thing in fact, just on the line less than a month, really grow very fast.I believe that the future can do more things. 'Wang Pu said.