Easy to seven years of pain | eventually lost to reality

'Failure is a fate of entrepreneurship, is an inevitable thing'.

This is the end of March, easy to find the founder Zhou Hang at the University of Lakes at the opening ceremony of the words, indeed, it is consistent with the current situation.

April 9, Zhou Hang joined Lei Jun founded by the capital.Then, along for the capital management partner Xu Daren has confirmed to the media, Zhou Hang has joined as an investment partner.

And in the week to join the capital news as soon as the announcement of the second day, easy to be once again by the CCTV name.Of course, this is the reason for the name is still easy to 'hardship' problem - mention, arrears.

This may have been troubled by a week.

Join or out of frustration

The summer of 2015 boring. Dropping and fast just ending a taxi between the 'battle', announced the merger, while another battle and quietly arrival - car battle.

October 1, 2010, easy to car on the line; July 8, 2014, No. 1 car on the line; August 19, 2014, drip on the line; January 28, 2015, Shenzhou car on the line; September 2015 16 The car market instantly 'surging', in addition to easy, only one year has been squeezed into four peers.

It is at this time, five car companies began to survive, competition and killing. Like the film in the plot, after a variety of suspicion, alliance, turn the face, steal Chen Chen and virtual shot, and ultimately only The strongest one or two can survive.

But easy to survive but did not survive, Zhou Hang fool after a shot, joined the capital.

And easy to decline from 2015, it ushered in the first crisis.

Last year in May, there are media reports that easy to the current business are sluggish, and staff people lax, in the government and enterprises car general manager Zhang Wei after leaving, the whole company left the snowball more and more.

According to the blue whale TMT understand, after Zhang Wei left, easy to co-founder and CMO Zhu Yueyi took over the management of government enterprises and car business, and plans within a month in four cities to open 100 lines, but the reality is that the majority of employees in the sector Leaving, and ultimately, the government bus business bus business was forced off the assembly line.

And easy to co-founder and co-founder of CMO Zhu Yueyi also easy to start their own business.Then, the general manager of large enterprises Xiao Peng left office, overseas business due to high operating costs, was also dissolved only five months, nearly 700 employees Easy to work, job hopping more than 100 people.

At this point, easy to market share worsened, by the car market boss slipped to the industry fourth, facing all kinds of crisis.

In October 2015, music as $ 700 million holding easy, will be easy to pull back the line of life and death. Subsequently, began more than eight months of charge and a series of marketing activities.

Then, easy to have been declared to the outside world is talking about financing matters with investors, there is no below.

The current easy, is facing a serious crisis, or about money, or about trust, or Zhou Hang their own destiny.

In March 2016, music as announced that the original music holding CMO Peng Gang will serve as president of easy to car, responsible for easy to drive the big market, as the ecological collaboration and personnel and organization of the construction and management business. People and CEO Zhou Hang job unchanged.

At that time, there are analysts said that the personnel changes means that music will be fully accessible, easy to the founder, CEO Zhou Hang or was faced with overhead.

At present, according to the blue whale TMT that easy to drive the actual control of the company has completed the legal person and the registration of the change, the legal change to Peng Gang, and registered to change the location for the music as the building.

This further shows that music is being further access to the right to control the car, although the week or CEO, but in fact already no real power.

As early as two months ago, Zhou Hang has been determined to join the capital, while the week to join the capital, perhaps there are two reasons, one is to cooperate with Lei Jun, to discuss financing matters, the second is easy to drive, completely Joining and investing in capital.

As we all know, millet and music as the past is the enemy, both public relations on the curse and openly accused each other when the founder occurred, but this time from the music as easy to join Lei Jun Department of investment funds, perhaps the second possibility is great.

Is it hard to make money?

Recently, the music as once again by the CCTV name .According to the CCTV reported that the first time, many days ago, many cars in the car network, the network about the car 'easy to car' to improve the situation is more and more serious. The driver was detained from the cost of a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars ranging from online on the 'failure to mention' a lot of posts, some drivers said, "has not been successful for two months.

A driver to provide the picture shows that since February 21 this year, he was 8 easy to get through the APP platform to mention, all failed.Other easy to network car drivers also encountered the same problem, involving up to 1 million 7 thousand yuan.

One easy to the driver post said, 'all users mention failed, a customer service said that the system failure. I would like to ask why you are easy to go to the platform to save money, how can not system failure? Can not enter?

There are easy to the driver said, I was more than 10 points, showing the success of the show, wait until a little more time to return to the money, and now failed, every week is the case, only 5 days a week to mention, we hundreds of drivers The establishment of a group, almost more than 800 drivers, can not mention the amount of words, then 3,400, less words are more than a thousand.

CCTV financial reports, easy to Shanghai Branch customer service phone, has been in a no answer state, and easy to the company's registration in Shanghai, the scene locked, there is no staff.

As early as February this year, the blue whale TMT had received more than easy to the owners of the broke the news, said they recently encountered 'difficult to mention' problem, and accuse the vehicle platform malicious malicious defaults.

Guo from Shenzhen, said his master from last year to become easy to join the cooperation of the driver, before easy to use the platform orders and cash is normal, but from the beginning of the Spring Festival, he left the driver's side of the funds began to be normal to mention.

'From the beginning of the year, I am in the background to mention the operation of the time is not normal.' Guo master recalled, as long as the specified time in the past click to mention, he will soon be able to receive the bank's account messages; but recently He made a request on the client, but always prompted 'system failure, please try again later'.

In response to this phenomenon, the blue whale TMT has been easy to call the relevant person in charge of the car, the other responded that the so-called 'trouble is difficult' problem may be caused by system failure, may also be caused by improper operation of the owner.

This is consistent with the rhetoric of this report in CCTV, has been over 2 months, easy to have been claimed that 'system failure led to slow withdrawals'.

In this regard, the blue whale TMT special to the Beijing security law firm partner Li Shu lawyers conducted a consultation.Li lawyers said that in general, such a large platform operation should have a strong IT system support, if only because of simple data docking Or sharing on the system caused by obstacles, this explanation is still some far-fetched.

Under normal circumstances, easy to use between the car and the owner should be on the use and extraction of funds and other rights and obligations of the agreement, the agreement should include the settlement, settlement ratio and settlement period and other terms, otherwise there is no rules to follow. Of the agreement and the above content made a clear agreement, the owner can not be made on the basis of a smooth, it is easy to bear the corresponding delay in settlement and payment of liability for breach of contract. 'Li Shu lawyer to the blue whale TMT said.

No barriers, will eventually be defeated

For the layout of the drop trip, Zhou Hang said, 'drop the use of the Texas Poker war situation, he is a big player, the hands of enough chips, he will at all costs, you hit the field until.

Indeed, the current market conditions as Zhou Hang said, dripping forcing easy to clear the field, and another car market leader Shenzhou car seems to be forced to easily, therefore, Zhou Hang is now facing from the drop And Shenzhou car on both sides of the attack.

The car industry game is not as good as Zhou Hang imagination.Perhaps, he was wrong in the subsidies on the taxi used in the era of marketing tools, and ultimately lost in the era of the car.

Because in the face of subsidies, the user will never have feelings, no brand loyalty at all.When Zhou Airlines aware of the problem, he only used two ways to solve the problem: first, through other business for the car back; second , But also focus on mining business customers.However, unfortunately, these two sets of boxing boxing in the circumstances, it seems that useless.

The essence of the Internet is the expansion and monopoly, and in the Internet era, the only business model is a monopoly.Unfortunately, easy to do not make their own monopoly can not be made Barriers, and finally broken and broken by Divine.

Easy to car president Peng Gang said in an interview with the media: 'travel to the industry cruel to, its competitive approach may be a little simple and rude, that is, no money to burn, you certainly quit.

This may be easy to the greatest knot.