Content is still the core

As the folk rap opera, traditional comic performances are mostly gathered in the theater, teahouses, television and other places.But with the hot webcast platform in 2016 the development of comic dialogue also began to test the water live hot channel Recently, the comic group 'hip-hop baggage Liu Yuzhao, Han Hongzhen, Cheng Lei, Xu Yuze four '80 'after the comic actor with the latest creation of works entered the street broadcast live, from time to time broadcast crosstalk content, and in addition to the other side of the crosstalk live broadcast, Hip-hop burden Shop, Cheng Lin, Qiu Yun Jian and other comic actors have said in the live platform crosstalk.However, in the comic industry cooling the current, to catch live 'Express' comic dialogue can get new business opportunities seems to be open to question.

Fought live platform

Traditional crosstalk performance platform is mostly theater, television, especially in the Devon Club, driven by the Beijing crosstalk theater is ushered in revival in 2009. According to incomplete statistics, the heyday of Beijing has only 50 crosstalk small theater. Short-lived, due to lack of creativity, lack of talent, as well as several influential crosstown groups negative news frequency, the capital crosstalk small theater is also rapidly cooling.

Public information, the heyday of more than 50 small theater to 2014, leaving only 21 in the business state.Compared with the weakness of the crosstalk theater, the rapid development of the Internet, making the online concert will show rapid growth.Industry predicament, Comic performances have begun to turn to Internet thinking.

As early as in 2015, Song Cheng Performing Arts acquired online video site six rooms, hip-hop group of hip-hop burden paved in six rooms set up special area, close to the Internet market .2016 years, hip-hop burden shop has also 'and video' In addition to hip-hop burden shop, the Cheng Lin and Qiu Yun Jian also used the street to live comic dialogue and cross-talk. In addition to the hip-hop burden of the shop also made the first landing live street crosstalk live performances, attracted a large number of audience attention.In addition to hip- Performance; Tianjin crosstalk club also try to live online, as long as the pay 1 yuan, online viewers can watch real-time comic performances by Youku.

Chen Shaofeng, vice president of the Peking University Cultural Industry Research Institute, said that the audience of the live platform is relatively broad, driven by the scale, through the live platform for performances, not only can expand the crosstalk actor visibility and exposure, but also To enhance their commercial value.From the live effect of view, hip-hop burden shop in the street broadcast live performances only broadcast an hour to get super-2 million star value, income of nearly million.Tianjin crosstalk club for the first time try the network Live up to the number of online 1 million people.

Competitive advantage under pressure is unknown

2016 is known as the first year of the network broadcast, net red economy and mobile social driven, the network broadcast platform usher in a comprehensive outbreak of public information, as of June 2016, the number of domestic online live platform nearly 300, On-line platform will increase to 400, the market size of 500 billion yuan.Network broadcast user size is up to 325 million, accounting for 45.8% of the overall Internet users.Universal user scale, the live platform suction force can not be overlooked.Now, Whether it is games, film and television industry, or concerts and other performances, are using the power of direct broadcast platform, live content on the platform has been continuously enriched.

With the crosstalk landing live platform to bring the driving force for a long period of time in the tepid stage of the crosstalk theater once again raised concern, but the industry believes that comic performances as a folk art, the audience is still relatively narrow. Although it can give crosstalk performances into new vitality, in order to provide more young comedian actors broader, more open platform space at the same time, expand the crosstalk audience and influence, but for now, the success of the live platform Only a small number of well-known crosstalk actors and groups, a large number of well-known young comedian actor is difficult to attract the audience to win in the absence of star support, promotion and other factors, crosstalk performance will still be slightly quiet.

In recent years, network television dramas, network variety, as well as reality shows and other television programs are constantly bombing the screen, making the industry competition intensifies, the audience can choose the way of entertainment is also more and more "happy comedy", " But in the China Creative Industry Research Center Director Zhang Jingcheng view, the audience for the development of the long-standing comic dialogues, such as the comic drama and other comedy variety show in the current relatively hot, Devon community, Gao Xiao Pan and other comic groups and actors also get a lot of attention, Content, form will have a certain aesthetic fatigue.Crosstalk performance if the lack of attracting viewers of the content, may be the loss of more viewers.

Content is still the core

In addition to industry competition, crosstalk their own performance model is also facing a breakthrough.Compared to the small theater, live platform for crosstalk actors and audiences experience will be very different.For the comic actor, the face of the audience is not the audience The camera, the theater or stage performances used to the atmosphere of crosstalk actors need to adapt to different performance scenes.For the audience, the studio gave the audience a platform for interaction with the actors, which makes the live audience than the theater audience more intuitive , Each feedback can be clearly displayed.This also means that the actors need to spend more energy to enhance cross-talk content enhancement.

'Compared with the traditional theater, live platform open performance allows the comic actor's commercial value is the greatest degree of development, but the value of the development is still built on high-quality crosstalk performance content.' Chen Shaofeng said .Hip hop bag shop for Hip-hop costumes quickly jumped up at the end of 2008. Unlike traditional crosstalk actors who wear robes, wear casual T-shirts, and wear caps, they say that their performance is the most important part of their comic performance, with a strong sense of timeliness and comedy. But in 2014, the internal contradictions, poor theater, especially the creation of the lack of time to make hip-hop burden of the shop in trouble, but also a lot of people, but also a lot of people,

Comic dialogue itself from the marketplace, the new era, close to the background of the new era of comic dialogue is the key to attracting viewers in the current comic dialogue industry as a whole tends to silence, the live platform to a certain extent fiery crosstalk new room for development, But the Internet is not everything, equipped with Internet live 'express' forward comic industry can tap new business opportunities, but also need to break through the traditional performance mode, and constantly develop new performance content, training new comic talent, with content original Sex and appeal to the audience to accept comic dialogue, into the comic theater.