Takeout O2O into the second half | Who can laugh at the end?

2016 is destined to be written into the history of take-away year, in this year the take-away market more rational, and the overall market structure is also more clear, from 2015 a few players 3: 3: 2: 1: Baidu: word of mouth: the other) market structure into 3: 2.5: 1: 1 (US group: hungry Mody: Baidu: other) market structure, Baidu out also means takeaway market by the three pillars Into the hegemony of the industry, the first half of the take-away industry is over, the second half officially entered the US group and hungry what the PK, then how to dominate the second half?

First of all to Imagine, the next 3-5 years take-away market structure will go? Information industry has a very well-known 70-20-10 rule, the market leader in 70% market share, the second accounted for 20% Market share, the other 10% of the market share, such as computer operating systems Microsoft and Apple, the chip industry Intel and AMD.

So take the O2O will go to this market structure?

I believe that the short term in addition to acquisitions, business expansion alone is difficult to achieve 70% market share.Because the O2O industry in addition to the online part, there are more 'heavy' line team, line team will not scale with the Expand the cost of an average single unlimited reduction, such as the automotive industry and other traditional pure line industry, and will not appear as the software industry as a winner-take-all situation.

So the short term, the three may have merged it?

In fact, three take-away platform competition is the BAT in the O2O field of competition extension .First look at Baidu, Baidu take-away should be most want to be merged .2016 Baidu takeout the biggest action is from Baidu spin-off, Baidu take- Baidu building, re-signed a contract with the new company, Baidu take-away has not yet achieved profit in the case, was split out of Baidu O2O is too burned, Baidu would like to quickly throw this hot potato; Baidu in the poor earnings, the strategy was questioned when the loss of Baidu this tree, the company is not the best time to take off, but it is not the best time to take off, And take-away market size is not dominant situation, the acquisition is the best choice;

As for the hungry Mody, into the 12.56 billion US dollars in 2016, and word-of-mouth business after the merger, and did not show synergies in the market after the US group on the scale of what the hungry and Ali signed the gambling agreement, if hungry What can not take the lead in the take-away market, most likely Ali approach, so hungry Mody acquired two other or two other opportunities are very small acquisitions.

As for the US group, the market temporarily lead, the US group will not be the other two acquisitions will not buy the other 2. Why? First, the United States Mission is no shortage of shells take-away, 16-year financing of 3.3 billion dollars, and takeaway throughout the United States Mission in the strategic level of product status, nature will not take control of hand-to-hand.

Then the US group will buy Baidu take-away? I think not, Baidu had the idea to Baidu takeout and Baidu glutinous rice packaged to sell to the US group, from the business to consider, glutinous rice and Baidu take-away US Mission is not useful, On the icing on the cake, the US group in the buy market has to get 90% of the market share in the take-away market also accounts for 50% of the market, and then merge a market second child and youngest little significance.

From the financial point of view, glutinous rice and Baidu take-away package sale price is not high, the US group will not consider the third point is that once Baidu take-away and the US group take-off integration will face a huge integration problems, the United States and Baidu cultural differences Large, it is difficult to achieve the integration effect of 1 +1> 2, you can refer to drops and excellent step China's merger, the last drop of a lot of money spent, in addition to drops of China's name, nothing, Excellent step China has replaced the core of the dispatch system, had to sigh, take warning.

To sum up, in 3-5 years, the take-away market will not appear through mergers and acquisitions, etc. on the market's dominance of the Big Mac, but only by bit by bit bitter pain, bayonets see red for the market, then What are the key points of competition in the next stage? What is the core competency of the enterprise?

First of all, the introduction of a concept, in the eyes of the author, takeaway business is actually very simple, is lofty sky + vast horizon, the vast horizon refers to the geographical coverage and a variety of distribution types available in 2016 three platforms in the region On the basic realization of the full coverage, in addition to some very small county, the expandability is not big, in the distribution type, from the distribution, delivery, Crowdsourcing, etc. distribution type, scalability is limited, that is, in a wide The horizon has been plugged in a small red flag, can be little room for development; new growth points should come from the lofty sky, the lofty sky refers to the refinement of the operation of the city to the regional dimension, with a competitive advantage Cost, flexible distribution of a variety of distribution methods, three-dimensional to meet user needs, the region will do so deeply through the establishment of urban competition barriers.

The first and most important point: multi-service type and balance the multi-stakeholder integration capabilities.

Distribution as a take-away business of the moat, the take-away players are in the establishment of their own distribution system, as the market competition, has been a single type of distribution to conquer the world era, the distribution type is a competing relationship, how So that the distribution type of mutual cooperation to fight the market rather than split each other, a good balance between the distribution type of interest, so that distribution as a whole service business, service users, is the first three test platform important.

The second point is cost control.

Takeaway distribution industry as a more 'heavy' industry, after spending the first two years of shopping, with the second half, cost control is particularly important.Can be a simple account, the US group take-away data released, In the Christmas of 2016, orders exceeded 9 million single, and if the gap between single and competing 1 yuan, that day is 9 million yuan, 270 million yuan a month for both the market for the capital market story, or for the next round of financing , The three major platforms need to prove to investors that they can lead in the cost of rivals, with a comparative advantage, so as to prove that they have a stronger advantage in the market to win.

The third point of the city and the following granularity of the depth of operational capacity.

Extensibility is very limited in urban extension, but there are still a lot of articles on city optimization, such as capacity strategy, subsidy strategy, pricing strategy, user strategy, merchant strategy and so on. Urban strategy in accordance with the city level and city type to be broken down in 2017 will be eliminated.

Around the above three points for capacity building take-away platform, will be in the 2017 competition to enjoy competitive advantage, whether the winner, let us wait and see.