Jingdong home response to close rumors: will close home cleaning and so on

January 12 morning news for the recent news that Jingdong home rain this year on February 10 to close the service this morning, Jingdong home to Sina science and technology, said Jingdong home will shut down the home cleaning and other on-site service entrance, saying that this Is a normal business adjustment.

The news broke the news, in the Jingdong home 'national - service business communication group' found that managers have released group messages that 'due to the company's strategic adjustment, on-site service business will be strategic outage, the service business will be February 10 agreed Offline settings.

In this regard, Jingdong home explained: 'After the operation, we see the user of Jingdong home more accustomed to using the Jingdong home to buy supermarkets fresh fruit, snacks baking, flowers and medicine and other goods, rather than home cleaning and other home services. In order to focus on helping users achieve '1 hour, the supermarket fresh home' mission, we will temporarily close the door to door service.

In fact, this year, home O2O has not been optimistic about the capital and the market, Jingdong home on April 15 this year and Dada merger, and then with the retail giant Wal-Mart reached a strategic cooperation, the outside world that is one of Jingdong's current important business Wal - Mart and New Dada jointly announced that Wal - Mart has a strategic investment of up to 50 million US dollars (about 336 million yuan), the two sides will establish a comprehensive depth of strategic cooperation.

Data show that Jingdong home was established in April 2015, Jingdong Group is based on the traditional B2C business model to the higher frequency of goods and services to extend the development of a new business model is Jingdong 2015 focus on building the O2O life service platform is based The traditional B2C model to the important areas of high-frequency upgrade.