Suppliers: and then plug music as the door, Apple asked price; Nokia 6 on sale on the 19th

1. Music as another supplier of mobile phones Dumen: Some people have been owed $ 200 million; 2. Apple iPhone 8 requirements of suppliers to cut prices, the body frame target 20%; 3. Nokia 6 Jingdong sale, HMD said 3 ~ 5 4. Apple to develop AR products this year, but may not be smart glasses; 5. Kantar: iPhone China's share of 5.4% year-on-year decrease; 6. Foxconn revenue for the first time down the generation of gold dead

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1. Music as another supplier of mobile phones Dumen: Some people have been owed 200 million yuan;

The morning of January 10, 2017, as the door of the building and lively music, and gathered a group of self-proclaimed 'music as mobile providers' people, they have four or five people, wearing a unified 'debt collection services' ', Printed on the back of the clothes' music as money' words.

But only across the street, is a luxury district - many stars, including music, as one of the star shareholders - Li Xiaolu also live here.

Beijing time to understand the scene, they are due to music as arrears in payment, up to 'discuss that', of which some have come dozens of times, there is a supplier of the South on behalf of employees 'money' has been spent three months. Even so, the delay in the payment of money is also not back.

Home 'rights' did not result in up to 200 million owed

Beijing's winter is cold, as long as the wind, chill on the rushing, but this can not stop the supplier owed money to the door 'rights' of the footsteps .For them, this is the only way in the rights field, A supplier told Beijing time, 'even if that will not pay back the money as the music, but in addition to the door to come and music consumption, how can we do?'

Beijing time asked the scene a number of suppliers have said that music is very perfunctory attitude, there is no intention to pay back the money.

A supplier in Wangjing office staff - Ms Lau told the Beijing time, their group has two companies responsible for the production of mobile phone chips for music as a total of four million dollars owed, according to Ms Lau recalled that since they cooperate and music Since the music side, there is little according to the contract on time to pay the situation, Ms. Liu came last time, as the music side said in mid-January will pay, if the money did not arrive, to her this week and then look at.

Meanwhile, Ms. Liu said, "It 's the two small companies in our group, and the big companies are not working with them.

Another employee of the company, Mr. Zhang said, as far as he knows, today there are at least five or six suppliers, up to 200 million yuan in arrears.As for music as the total amount of money owed to mobile phone suppliers, Mr. Zhang agreed that not less than the spread of 15 billion yuan online.

As the local company in Beijing, so they come to the building every day 'look', but not every time wearing 'debt collection service', make such a big movement, but for far in the field of the company, Less than the money can only be consumed in Beijing dry.

"We have come to Beijing for three months, to music as the building 'rights' has been dozens of times." According to Mr. Lee, the music as the 2015 to provide mobile phone materials services, the company responsible for Mr. Lee said: The payment for the year has not yet been settled.

'Every time, music will be developed as a solution, to pay back the money that day is not yet, give you to develop a program, so dragging,' Mr Lee said.

According to the Beijing time before the report, Tianjin Hong Furui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has repeatedly 'pay' unsuccessful, even if the music as expressed by the end of December to solve the problem of arrears.

Music as the provisions of the provisions of more than a small factory shutdown

Mr. Lee also said: 'Music as a' 136 'agreement, that is, a month delay payment, a month is not, it dragged on for three months, six months, so doing a cycle is ten months, is simply Overlord terms'.

As for the music as the proposed agreement, suppliers have said: 'fool was signed.' The result of denial of the agreement is that music has not pay back the money.

In general, the object of long-term cooperation, the supplier will give one to three months of grace time, but not in arrears of ten months.Accomentech Managing Director Mo Zuquan once said, as the three to six arrears Month repayment period is acceptable, but also to consider the impact of its arrears on the company may be, stressed that the time limit for allowing arrears will not be too long.

According to media reports, insiders said that for small mobile phone providers, the default of ten months is likely to lead to the company cash flow shortages, and even bankruptcy. Beijing learned that there have been a number of musicians as owed to the supply of money Business is in a shutdown state.

Mr. Lee even bluntly: 'I do not want to mention our company is now the situation has not Jieke pot.'

An overseas representative of the supplier employees - Mr Cheng said the music as owed to their company at least 34 million yuan, the company caused a big impact, he knew that some small companies have been suspended for several months. 'I am our Company Beijing Branch, and now every day, nothing else, and only chasing music as the debt ', Mr. Cheng said helplessly.

For large companies, because it will not be as happy as the collapse of the debt, but also know that there is no incentive to pay as a result of repayment, so do not want to waste energy and music as time and time again 'rights'. Time, was owed money 200 million of the company, see music as such a perfunctory attitude, especially 'calm' to go.

Music as the phone 's supply chain crisis

The most direct result is that the supplier refused to supply for the music as the scene of the suppliers that music as the mobile phone supply chain is facing a big problem.

Music3, music pro3 is currently out of stock status, at the same time, cools1, cool1dual a variety of models out of stock.After the music was exposed as the phone can not be normal supply.

Music as the suppliers and music as the state of anxiety in the state, especially small suppliers, they and music as in a boat, with breathing, a total fate.

Beijing time on-site observation, the presence of suppliers are very happy to see the music, they have been talking about music from the music as the music network suspension, for every move they are well aware, but between the words revealed a great distrust of music as. They do not believe there will be prospects for music, even Jia Yue Ting ecological known as 'painting pie'.

For the results, suppliers seem to dare not have too much hope.Zheng said, 'We and music as the supply chain sector docking, before the debt issue will be on consultation, and now they do not and we talked about'. Ms. told the Beijing time, she simply can not contact the music as the high-level, even if it is the supply chain director.Liu also said that as the music should be unified to the supplier owed money an explanation.

Beijing time linked to the music public relations staff, the other party did not respond to the supplier arrears.

(The text of Ms. Liu, Mr. Zhang, Mr. Li, Mr. Cheng are a pseudonym)

2. Apple requirements iPhone 8 suppliers price cuts, body frame target of 20%;

According to Taiwan media reports, the market spread, Apple this year, the new iPhone 8 to strictly control the cost, so the price of supply chain requirements, the first step aimed at the fuselage frame, the cost down into two, and the introduction of headquartered in the United States The second supplier to break the pattern of Hon Hai Foxconn eat alone, so that the market worried, bargain I am afraid to spread to other key components for the first quarter of Apple's operating stocks add turbulence.

Analysts named, a new generation of iPhone fuselage, chassis design, will break the one-piece aluminum design, the Hon Hai Foxconn, the new US Department of the second supplier to help the new material border production, I am afraid to make, And so encountered a new round of price pressure, or even burn to PCB and other component suppliers.

IPhone 7 poor sales, so that Apple is deeply in the dilemma of innovation, market observation, Apple to keep profits, to take a more active cost reduction strategy, and in order to meet the US quasi-President Trump policy, may increase the rate of manufacturing in the United States, Relevant supply chain Rooster added uncertainties.

Market sentiment, the Florida-based Jabil (Jabil) sent to Apple after the favor, is expected to help the new material border production, become the second supplier outside the Hon Hai Group, breaking the practice over the years.

Although Apple has been the market name of the supplier has not commented outside rumors, but it is understood that the Apple headquarters issued instructions, the new iPhone and design specifications in the facelift to upgrade the requirements of the supply chain with lower product pricing, which fuselage cost target Reduced by 20% to 30%, and to achieve the glass back cover, stainless steel and aluminum alloy of new mixed materials into the manufacturing process.

The industry came out, one piece of aluminum chassis design if converted to glass stainless steel design prices can be reduced to 35 US dollars, as the glass is the average price of aluminum alloy is about 27 US dollars, so the new material will have a competitive advantage in price.

3.Nokia 6 Jingdong on sale, HMD said 3 to 5 years with Nokia mobile phone back to the world's leading brands;

Jan. 11 reports

Following last week in the United States CES is released after the return of Nokia, the first Android system smart phone Nokia 6, today HMD deliberately held in Beijing media communication, announced that Nokia 6 officially began in the Jingdong pre-sale, January 19 It is reported that the price of the aircraft phone is only 1699 yuan, the price for the Chinese user sincerity.

HMD CEO: Nokia 6 Nokia quality, 3 to 5 years back to the world's leading brands

Many people doubt, HMD Nokia mobile phone will bring sour?

In fact, HMD itself from the CEO to marketing, sales, product managers and other executives are a large number of old Nokia mobile phone members, many of them have worked in the old Nokia more than 10 years of work experience.For example, the current HMD CEO Arto Nummela He joined Nokia in 1994 as a key player in Nokia, where he was responsible for product planning, R & D, business management and global sales.

The more direct point is that they are the core of the old Nokia mobile phone team in operation, on December 1 last year, HMD announced that the Nokia brand has been granted exclusive license for 10. HMD is responsible for sales, marketing and product positioning, Foxconn is Production and R & D, while the Nokia smart phone will use Google's Andrews operating system.

In today's communication, HMD CEO Arto Nummela once again stressed that 'Nokia 6 inherited, including excellent quality, stability and durability, human simplicity and other rooted in the Nokia culture of the Nokia brand genes.It not only inherited the Nokia brand in those recognized Good tradition, but also to establish a new standard to adapt to the current market.

In addition, Arto Nummela also said that the Nokia brand has 150 years of history, the brand itself has a magical magic, he contains a lot of emotion, which will distinguish the other brands on the market, Nokia has a strong brand foundation.

HMD CEO Arto Nummela said, 'We are very confident in this product, and HMD hopes to return to global leading position in three to five years.'

Jingdong exclusive online partner, has opened scheduled

As HMD back to the first Nokia mobile phone, in the sales channel, currently only online sales, exclusive partner for the Jingdong. Consumers from January 11 15:06, log on Jingdong Mall for a free appointment and 66 yuan Deposit starting from January 19 onwards.

Commenting on why the choice of Jingdong as a partner, HMD Greater China, said Xu Lixin, vice president of the world, Jingdong as the largest online mobile phone sales platform has a strong ability.In addition, Jingdong current channel capacity is also strong, has been covered To 3, 4 lines and deeper markets.

First of all, the Nokia brand has a strong user base.Secondly, HMD is now a lot of the main positions are old Nokia employees, we have 10 years of the Cooperation, and they become more efficient than before.Third, in the process of cooperation, their high standards of product detail, but also drive us and cooperation.

Another HMD said that in the next time this year, there will be a variety of models released, covering different user groups in the sales channel, the future will cooperate with the offline channel.

Appearance of praise, configuration balance

Nokia 6 uses an aluminum body polished shape, after two anodized, and not less than 5 carefully polished, the whole process more than 10 hours.While the whole week to fit the process, hidden in the plastic ring frame, glass And metal frame gap is less than 0.05 mm of the ultimate quality, so that the whole body muddy as one.

Screen viewing equally impressive, 5.5-inch full HD IPS display screen glass and aluminum body to achieve a less than 0.05 mm ultra-precision fit - only the equivalent of one-third of the human hair diameter of the screen covering the Corning Corning Gorilla Glass is highly resistant to 2.5D surface glass. The display closely fits the polarizer, ensuring a crisp look in direct sunlight while increasing the battery life.

The other with, the machine has the latest chip technology Qualcomm Xiao Long 430 processor, through optimization and tuning, with Qualcomm Adreno 505 GPU and 4GB memory, 1600 +800 megapixel camera, support the whole Netcom, support expansion card slot, support Temperament fingerprint recognition.

4. Apple this year to develop AR products, but may not be smart glasses;

Mashable Chinese station on January 11 reported

Apple intends to use the Augmented Reality (AR) technology to do something.

Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) has many occasions to express his strong interest in this technology.Apple bought a year ago, an AR company; and then again, Plus it has promised this year's iPhone will be an important product.Apple why not to its own research and development of hybrid real technology applied to its flagship product?

This is reasonable and important.

Robert Scoble, a veteran of the technology industry, has been lurking in the virtual reality world recently, and he joined me at the CES show in early January and saw a lot of new technology, and we are here to join the industry A variety of parties, to see a lot of long-lost old friends, of course, also heard some news Secretary Kebo heard a few days ago an important message.

Carl Zeiss, a technical employee at the company 's booth, met Scott and told him:' We will work with Apple, God, is Apple! We will cooperate to develop a reality - enhancing glasses.

"A Zeiss employee confirmed that Apple and Carl Zeiss would work together to develop an augmented reality / hybrid reality glasses," he said in a statement Monday. "They may announce the product this year," the company said in a statement. It is no wonder that Zeiss did not exhibit any augmented reality products and placed the booth at the center of the augmented reality area.

This is the largest exclusive news during the CES show, Secretary Scott wrote a report earlier, saying Apple will work with a well-known optical products company to develop AR products.

At that time, he is from the mouth of the two informed sources to get the news now Zeiss company's own staff personally confirmed the news, of course, if the employee is said to have leaked his mouth and lead to leaks , Then he may soon be no longer a Zeiss staff.

Apple has never publicly confirmed the news, Carl Zeiss did not.

Even so, the message still has some doubts.Mainly the problem is that I do not think Apple wants to develop a similar to Google (AR) glasses of AR glasses.

When I talked to some of the industry experts last year about Apple's 2017 development plan, a lot of people think that augmented reality technology is likely to be the focus of Apple's attention.Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, has been concerned about Apple , He believes that Apple in this area there is still a lot of work to do.But Jialin also can not be sure that Apple will launch AR products this year, or just in the June Global Developers Conference, suggesting that they have this intention.

Market research firm Gartner analyst Brian Blau (Brian Blau) on this issue more conservative view, he told me last year, said the current market has not stabilized, but also can not provide Apple to appeal to the market capacity.

I discussed the news with Blau on Tuesday, and he told me he did not doubt that Apple was developing some future AR technology, but he did not believe in Scott's report, Of an ordinary employee even in the exhibition site leaked such confidential information was surprised.

"I'm not saying that Robert is lying, but it may be that the information he gets is not supported by enough evidence we do not know," Blau said.

Obviously, there is a story inside. Augmented reality is a new thing, and Apple is certainly very concerned about this new thing.If Apple really choose to support this technology and actively develop it, it may completely subvert one or more industries. And no one would think that Apple will develop a TV, and that Apple will develop an Apple car less and less people.

But it's still tricky to say that Apple intends to develop augmented reality technology, but there is no doubt that augmented reality technology can be applied to any hardware and software, and people are increasingly convinced that Apple will use augmented reality technology development Out of some new products, AR glasses is one of the most daring guess.

Apple's approach is usually this: it first observed competitors to try to introduce new types of products and technologies, and sometimes competitors will be successful, but more often will taste the bitter fruit of failure.Then it will choose some good Ideas, combined with their own ideas.It has to wait until the market matures will start action, and then hit that success.

Apple's recent product development in recent years, the closest product in this area is the Apple Watch. And, even this product, Apple is not until the dust settles into this market .In the market after the augmented reality. Before it, competitors have already launched several Android Wear-based smart watches, but failed to arouse the interest of consumers.

Until now, the smart watch market has not been able to hot up.We do not know how many Apple Apple has sold in the end, but this product has become a luxury watch market sales of the second product.

The development of AR glasses in Apple also do not get much internal support.Apple chief designer Jonny Ive (Jony Ive) in 2015 to accept the New Yorker interview with a strong criticism of Google glasses .Ivey was like this Said: 'We always think that glasses are not a good product development direction, because not many people really want to wear smart glasses, smart glasses will give consumers a clear sense of being disturbed, we always think that these products Will only end in failure, the reality is also true.

It is now the shadow of augmented reality technology, and it is the darling of the CES show this year, but it does not have a key application or a product that signals a change in the direction of the AR market, and that hybrid reality and augmented reality do exist Potential, but consumers are full of the virtual reality is.

I think the Secretary said one thing: we will see in 2017 Apple will enhance the reality of technology applied to a certain product, but this product will not be smart glasses.

The new Apple product that can change consumers' daily lives sounds good, but the problem is that it can not use the interface Apple is most concerned about. Apple will certainly associate the AR technology with the iPhone for the following reasons:

The iPhone, which celebrates its tenth birthday this year, is set to release an important product, and it remains convinced that the iPhone, the world's best-selling smartphone, is the focus of the tech industry.

Apple's global marketing manager Phil Schiller recently said in an interview that the iPhone's screen is still the best of its kind. "People forget the value and importance of the display, 10 years, some of the iPhone's greatest innovation with the display.

Apple should not want to launch a less than competitive AR technology or AR products.Google glasses is not a real augmented reality products.You will appear in front of a virtual transparent display.This product does not interact with the real world. Why? Because it is impossible to integrate the necessary augmented reality technology into a device as small as Google Glasses.

Microsoft's HoloLens gives a clearer explanation of what it takes to integrate consumer-grade AR technology into a wearable device, which requires considerable goggles and some cushions to avoid The consumer feels uncomfortable when worn.

IPhone is to carry the dream of Apple to enhance the reality of a better carrier.It's computing power naturally Needless to say, 4.7-inch screen for the enhanced reality technology is large enough, clarity can meet the requirements, and iPhone is also equipped with a camera , Can be used to shoot the real world.Apple needs to add the infrared camera, because the latter can identify the real environment of the three-dimensional topology, so that the iPhone 8 can be man-made objects and real-world scenes and even information and data effectively Mix together.

If Zeiss really is a supplier of Apple, then it can for this infrared camera and Apple's latest iSight camera lens components.

By the way, Bajarin agreed with me, but he did not rule out the possibility that we might see Apple's Augmented Reality glasses in the distant future. "Apple will launch later this year, In the coming years, Apple will apply Augmented Reality technology to the iPhone and other products, and then add things like glasses to the range of experience.

Apple's rumors of Apple's development have vanished, but its interest in the transportation industry has never been forgotten.

I have always thought that Apple's interest in car products from some interface.If the new iPhone using augmented reality technology to change the eyes of consumers in the world, you can see in front of the highway name and guide arrows? If Apple will be a The laser projection assembly, installed in the iPhone 8, will project the augmented reality onto your car's windshield.

Sounds bold? Yes. Not possible? Maybe, but it may be more credible than the development of augmented reality glasses. (Compiled by Lin Jingdong)

5.Kantar: iPhone China share decreased by 5.4% year on year;

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 12 morning news, market research firm Kantar released the latest report said that in the last three months in November, iPhone in the US smart phone market share increased by 6.4%.

The report also shows that Kantar tracked in the nine major markets, Apple iOS operating system in seven of which the market share has increased.

Kantar said the holiday shopping season early stage sales performance to help the three iPhone models swept the top three, ahead of Samsung smart phones.

Reported that, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6s is the period of the most popular models in the US market, the share of the three iPhone and up to 31.3%. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge In the fourth and fifth overall, Samsung in the US smart phone market share of 28.9%.

In addition, during the iPhone in the UK market share is the most significant growth in this period of time, iPhone in the UK market share increased by 9.1%, mainly due to the decline in the share of Windows smartphones.

The share of iPhones in the markets of Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK and the US grew during the period, compared to 6 of the countries except Italy, where Android accounted for Even in Italy, Android smart phone's share of the increase is only less than half of the iPhone.

But in China and the German market, iPhone market share decline in China, due to the local brand flagship mobile phone brought about by the strong competitive pressure during the iPhone share decreased by 5.4%, while in Germany, iPhone share Also fell 3.2%, compared to the share of Android smartphone is increased by 6.5%.

However, the news from China is not all negative.Kantar pointed out that, iPhone has become China's urban areas best-selling mobile phone, OPPO R9 pushed to the second.

According to Kantar released a month after the data show that Apple achieved more than two years, the strongest growth, market share rose to the highest since January 2015 the highest level since.

In the iPhone 7 made strong sales performance, the market has turned its attention to Apple will launch this year's new iPhone, analysts predict that the company will usher in a 'super cycle', its sales will exceed the company launched the iPhone 6 To turn the level of large-screen mobile phone. (Tang Feng)

6. Foxconn revenue for the first time the decline in gold foundry dead

China's manufacturing industry, wearing a halo star to OEM workers Foxconn finally failed to withstand labor costs such as rising pressure on January 11. Foxconn announced its annual revenue since its debut in 1991 for the first time since the decline. , Which began to decline in sales of Apple, Sharp last year, close acquisitions.As a foundry in the Big Brother, Foxconn has been through the low labor cost dividends, was no small success, but with the land and labor costs rise , The identity of the foundry unsustainable.Although Foxconn is also trying to business innovation in recent years, but so far, there is no business to replace Foxconn who 'foundry' label.

Revenue for the first time down

Foxconn reported revenue of NT $ 4.356 trillion (US $ 136.38 billion) in 2016, down 2.81% from a year earlier, while revenue for the company increased 9.76% to NT $ 449.63 billion in December, largely benefiting from the Spring Festival approaching 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus due to relatively strong demand.

Although revenue is the first decline, but Foxconn's profit has long been a sign of decline in the second quarter of last year, Foxconn net profit fell to NT 17.7 billion yuan (about $ 566 million), the same period in 2015 to NT 25.7 billion, In the third quarter of September 2016, Foxconn net profit of NT $ 34.6 billion (net profit of NT $ 34.6 billion), the total net profit for the third quarter of September 30, Or 10.9 billion US dollars), down 8.7%, revenue of NT 1.075 trillion yuan, higher than the same period in 2015 NT 1.066 trillion yuan.

Apple's sales and performance decline is seen as the main reason for the decline in Foxconn sales as Apple's main supplier, Foxconn more than 50% of revenue from Apple's electronics business.Data show that Apple's fourth quarter fiscal 2016 revenue and earnings both Fell for three consecutive quarters of decline, and the first annual negative growth in 2001. Revenues of 46.852 billion US dollars, compared with 51.501 billion US dollars in 2015 fell 9%; net profit of 9.014 billion US dollars, compared to the same period in 2015 11.124 billion The US dollar fell 19%, of which revenue in Greater China was 8.785 billion US dollars, compared with 12.518 billion US dollars over the same period in 2015 fell 30%, continuing the decline of the first two quarters is worth noting that Apple's fiscal year 2016 revenue reached $ 215.6 billion, down from $ 233.7 billion in fiscal 2015, down 9 percent, the first decline since 2001 for the full fiscal year.

However, Liang Zhenpeng appliance analysts believe that, in addition to Apple's reasons, Foxconn parent company Hon Hai Precision Group (hereinafter referred to as 'Hon Hai Precision') Sharp 2016 acquisition and Sharp integration, adjustment and other initiatives, but also in terms of funding On August 12 last year, Hon Hai Precision and Sharp also announced that it has passed the Chinese Ministry of Commerce's antitrust review.Today Hon Hai Precision invested 388.8 billion yen (about 3.8 billion US dollars) to obtain Sharp 66% stake, however, the acquisition of Sharp means that Hon Hai Precision not only take Sharp about 350 billion yen (about 20.335 billion yuan) 'contingent', also need to pay for Sharp's declining performance .2016 In the first quarter, Sharp's consolidated revenue for the current period decreased by 31.5% year-on-year.

Gold on behalf of the dead

In 1988, through the end of isolation between the two sides to restore the historical opportunity of civil exchanges and cooperation, Foxconn President Terry Gou founded a company in Shenzhen, 'Foxconn marine sophisticated computer plug-in factory', then more than 20 years, Foxconn rapid growth for the world's largest electronic products In 2012, Foxconn's total import and export of 244.6 billion US dollars, accounting for 4.6% of the Chinese mainland; its 15 companies selected for China's export of 200. "Fortune" Global Top 500 ranked No. 43.

Carrier World Editor-in-Chief Kang Zhao believes that although Foxconn has precision mold technology, a number of invention patents, but more importantly, with the early reform and opening up in the Mainland on the cost and policy of comparative advantage, reduce their manufacturing costs. In terms of labor costs, in 1993, Taiwanese workers' monthly basic wage was more than RMB2,500, which was the highest in the mainland of China. In terms of labor costs, Operators five times.In addition, many domestic local government in order to actively investment, in addition to paving the way for the manufacturers, but also 'two exemptions and three halved' preferential policies to relax 'five free five', that is, the first five years of tax exemption , After five years to pay only half of the tax if you continue to invest after ten years, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of preferential policies and low labor costs bonus, Foxconn to undertake high-tech companies wave after wave Of orders, from laptops to Apple phones, from digital cameras to LED lighting.

However, the profound changes in China's economic environment, land and labor costs continue to rise, so rely on low-cost export-oriented enterprises to make money doubling the second half of 2008, Foxconn to profit loss, after-tax loss of 20.86 million US dollars from 2010 , Foxconn to accelerate the pace of investment in the Mainland. Chongqing, Chengdu, Erdos, Zhengzhou, Langfang and other places of the plant, or put into use, or start injecting the same time, Foxconn plans to compress the size of the Shenzhen plant employees Liangzheng Peng frankly, the achievements of Foxconn Foxconn has to face the reality is that the labor costs are rising in the Mainland of China, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States and other countries, , Cheap labor has been hard to find.

The future is not smooth

Foxconn restructuring is imperative, but the road is still not clear where in July 2010, Foxconn registered Zhejiang Jiaxing Wan Ma Pentium Trading Company, hoping to use five years time, in the following three cities and towns to open 10,000 Wan Ma Pentium Digital franchise stores.However, good at OEM Foxconn failed to sales, after-sales, logistics system and make remarkable achievements, the transition effect is not obvious.

Foxconn set up six financial services companies in China to provide loans and other financial services to electronic component suppliers in 2014. Subsequently, Foxconn announced that it will set up a P2P platform for rich and rich people in the industry, said how the OEM advantage and Supply chain vendors to convert between needs, has become a financial services market in the Foxconn on the decisive factor, if you can not cross this gap, then, Foxconn in the Internet financial industry is difficult to travel. Beijing Commercial Daily reporter learned that , As of now, the rich official website is still not on the line.

Last year in May, Microsoft bought the phone from the Nokia department sold 350 million US dollars sold to Foxconn, and on January 11 this year, Nokia's new Nokia 6 officially released in the country, but in the relevant view, the Nokia quality process even if Advanced, there will not be too stunning performance, Foxconn is difficult to re-won by virtue of Nokia.

It is noteworthy that, last August 12, Foxconn parent company acquisition of Sharp, Sharp followed a series of drastic reforms.According to the plan, to Aquos, Sharp, InFocus build high, medium and low-end brand platform, take into From different customers, different markets to make different segments, from strengthening the design, the use of manufacturing advantages, price promotions and other marketing, Sharp brand to expand the global market share, so as to Foxconn Band To own brand has bargaining power and additional benefits.However, the home appliance market, for example, Japanese brands have sunset, the rise of China and South Korea's home appliance brand, occupy the original Japanese brand market space, and now Sharp want to regain, Also faces a lot of obstacles.

Beijing Daily reporter Sun Qixiang Shi Fei month / text CFP / map Wang Fei / tabulation

Foxconn memorabilia

1985 Foxconn brand was established

In 1988, Terry Gou investment in mainland China

In December 2014, Foxconn announced the closure of the company's plant in Chennai, India

May 2015 Invests in ROM developer Cyanogen

May 2016, Microsoft bought from the Nokia handset sector price of 350 million US dollars sold to Foxconn

2016 August Foxconn parent company invested 388.8 billion yen (about 3.8 billion US dollars) by Sharp 66% stake