Sony OLED TV screen sound | 'black technology' | actually from LG

Sony screen will sound the OLED TV

According to foreign media reports, at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sony's OLED TV is a major highlight of Sony's new Bravia series of OLED TV through the vibration screen to sound back and forth, The screen into a speaker, but the brand name of the popular hot new technology from South Korea LG Display company.

LG Display develops its own technology and sells it to other equipment manufacturers that do not compete directly with it, which is sold by the latter. LG Electronics and Sony compete in large-size TV sales, but LG Display sells only what is needed to drive TV Of the screen and components.

LG Display has not publicly confirmed that they are Sony OLED TV screen audio technology suppliers, but that its Crystal Sound OLED audio solutions already have customers LG Display can be based on customer needs, integrated in the TV 2, 4, 8 Or even 16 'exciters'.

Sony in this excellent technology for OEM use is understandable.To want a high-quality OLED TV for a long time selling, behind the still need a lot of design and engineering technology for the guarantee.However, LGDisplay for the new Sony Bravia TV core technology may Means that the market may soon be able to use many of the screen as the speaker of the OLED TV.