Intelligent bus station kiosk can be called a taxi

Recently, the Ministry of Transport major research projects 'based on the city of intelligent transportation technology research and application of key technologies' results in Guangzhou Yuexiu Hotel on display.

Reporter learned from the event, the Guangzhou Internet of Things demonstration project as a whole has completed the system platform and supporting the construction and completion of most of the deployment of application work, plans to complete the first half of 2017 all construction work in the second half to carry out acceptance.

Internet of Things Intelligent Transportation Applications:

Both anti-blocking and anti-fatigue driving

Spring Festival has come again, the public found that 'the bus station has become less congested', which mainly depends on the passenger 'artifact' - the intelligent transportation applications and integrated scheduling.

It is reported that, in some bus terminal, Internet of things technology has covered the station, the shuttle bus station and class to wait for node.Vehicle out of station, the system real-time updates the station within the parking saturation; station vehicle shortage, but also in time The deployment of vehicles to transport passengers, improve vehicle quasi-point class rate ... ... so that the bus terminal to be orderly management.

For the passengers, the long-distance car is most afraid of the driver fatigue driving, driving a cell phone.Intelligent traffic applications will be advanced video processing technology, satellite positioning technology to analyze driving behavior, when the driver is perceived in the driving process In the spirit of slackness, playing mobile phones, emotional and other dangerous situations, they will be prompted or warning.The transport sector, this technology is currently part of Guangzhou long-distance passenger train demonstration application.

Intelligent bus station kiosk: a key station can call a taxi

The day before yesterday, the reporter learned that the current Pearl River New City in Guangzhou City, two-line operation through the bus station kiosks are applied to advanced kiosks, the bus station is not a bus station, The intelligent bus stop kiosk, equipped with touch screen.

The reporter saw the touch screen in a key car, query and other services.With the electronic stop sign, the public can not only understand the bus stop at the site, bus route changes and other information, but also in a hurry, a key order , Called as about a taxi or high-end car rental trip.

Intelligent car dome light + law enforcement equipment: Let the 'black taxi' no escape

Guangzhou daily 20,000 taxi run on the road, rely on what the 'black taxi' pulled out? It is understood that intelligent transportation technology based on the construction of Guangzhou taxi law enforcement inspection system, through the face recognition, vehicle wireless identity Identification, combined with intelligent car dome, hand-held law enforcement terminal equipment, automatic identification of the authenticity of the taxi.

According to the Guangzhou Traffic Information Construction Investment and Technology Co., Ltd. Project Manager Li Qiang said the future, the Guangzhou city taxi may also use intelligent dome light 'artifact', in the investigation of black taxis, law enforcement officers can hold law enforcement terminal equipment, testing Taxi genuine, formal taxi smart dome will issue instructions in the law enforcement officers automatically turn on, and the black taxi will not, to 'seconds to identify' fake taxi role.