Violent dismantling evaluation | superior platinum client HDMI high-definition wire

As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, and now the TV product market has been gradually to the national 4K resolution times over, in addition to many similar HDR, Blu-ray, game consoles and other functions, with video signal function, The volume is also growing, even more need to rely on a wire connection bonus, say you may not believe, a good wire to give the device experience to bring a qualitative change.

We often say that HDMI, it is not just a simple device with an interface, usually HDMI is a specification, it has many different versions, but also with the technical progress, the escalating interface specifications , Currently available on the market of HDMI cable is roughly divided into HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 two specifications, as the name suggests, HDMI 2.0 is an upgraded version of HDMI 1.4, the later version of the wire to support the more features, and will increase the wire Bandwidth, to bring greater data throughput.

For example, HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 support the same resolution as 3840X2160 (home-grade 4K) video playback, while the former wire the maximum screen size of the HDMI cable to support more Can be maintained at 30Hz per second, while the latter can support 60Hz per second, and 4096X2160 (theater-level 4K) resolution playback environment, HDMI 1.4 can only bring 24Hz per second playback frame rate, while the latter HDMI 2.0 can achieve 50HZ per second or more, this upgrade can be described as not huge.

Superior HD cable with HDMI certification

Today to bring you this 'superior Y-C138RGY HDMI cable' is based on the HDMI 2.0 specification manufacturing a very good product, the evaluation of the wire, any link playback test is not intuitive, so the author on the Choose the most simple and crude dismantling evaluation, compared to the text describes how smooth the picture how clear, let us look directly at what the wire is done, more simple and clear.Good, gossip that we Start demolition.

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Cramps and stripping skin superiority HDMI HD line material Xiangjie

This high-definition line to get the hands of the author's first impression is coarse, strong (bad split ...), and so opened read, the author is quite a feeling of violence, a HDMI wire pile heap into this, Really is only my life, dismantling is really a pity, so I decided to test the video game and other products later, all with this wire, good we first take a look at this line look like it.

Superior Y-C138RGY HDMI cable

This superior Y-C138RGY HDMI cable, using nylon outside the series of design, the overall impression is a word 'rough', very safe, but rare is that the outside of the nylon braid to keep the wire tough , But also to ensure the wire itself is soft, and a lot of wire nylon outsourcing is not the same place is that this nylon wire mesh wire ends are fixed in the plug inside to do so to the greatest degree of protection within the wire strength , No exaggeration to say that four or five people pull this line together, may not be able to pull off, you can take the tug of war.

Superior Y-C138RGY HDMI cable connector part of the show

Superior Y-C138RGY HDMI cable, using a zinc alloy shell, the author brains did not be able to open it, the strength of this connector can be seen at the end of the joint using a high-density rubber packaging process, and nylon weaving Net directly fixed together, the joint part of the swallow is gold-plated, according to the official description of the thickness of gold to 3um, the same level of material used in the wire is considered one of the best.

High-density metal magnetic braid in rubber wrapping

Superior Y-C138RGY HDMI cable structure

This superior Y-C138RGY HDMI cable, the structure is currently the most widely used wire structure, but this line is not more than a pile of general pile material ah, remove the outer nylon package, the inner layer, including the anti-magnetic Aluminum foil, there are as many as five layers, the three-tier anti-magnetic design, HDMI audio signal transmission more stable.

This article belongs to the original article, if reprint, please specify source: violence dismantling evaluation superior platinum client HDMI high-definition wire

Analysis of Playing Ability Test and Applicatio

Superior Y-C138RGY HDMI cable, cable quality we have seen, the purpose of stacking material is to allow more stringent wire response to the playing environment, this line supports 4096X2160 resolution of 50 frames per second frame -60 frame playback, data Throughput of 18Gb per second, support 7.1-channel audio output, and also supports high-definition audio input.Then we come to the field play test.

Video source connection display (select the decoding ability of the sea four Himei Di H7 TV box)

This superior Y-C138RGY HDMI cable, and TV box connection feeling is good, sturdy wire gives a very sense of security, also mentioned in front of this wire is actually very soft, does not appear Wire hard player light weight awkward feeling, plug gilded swallowing the size of a pinch, and the HDMI interface is closely connected, this test is to use superior decoding ability Kaimi Di TV box, which can bring better Of the test results.

3840 × 2160 resolution local video playback test (the number of frames to maintain stability: 59.99 / per second)

3840 × 2160 resolution video local playback test (visible images rich and full color)

This selection is the home-grade 4K high bit-rate video, the author did not occur in the test screen Caton situation, while ensuring a good picture quality audio performance, which shows the power of this wire is strong, To the wire of the pile of material, in the service for the powerful player, there is a reason.

to sum up:

Overall, this superior quality Y-C138RGY HDMI cable is naturally no doubt, from the material to the quality of work are impeccable, after all, superior from 2001 to date has been the quality is reliable. On this wire, the author is more recommended for high-definition programming resources have special requirements of friends to choose, of course, now 4K TV and high-definition player popular, this wire is still very much in the home with high-end gaming computer Friends can also buy the display when the gift wire thrown away, and, HDMI standard wire are two-way backward compatible, even if the home is not used for the time being, but the quality of this wire, the use of Ten years eight years is also not a problem.

This article belongs to the original article, if reprint, please specify source: violence dismantling evaluation superior platinum client HDMI high-definition wire