Development and Reform Commission for the people's livelihood | a heavy blow to prevent household appliances follow the trend of price increases

Spring Festival has been the home appliance industry, the traditional discount season, but the Beijing Commercial Daily reporter learned from the industry, this year before the holiday, some home appliance industry prices bucked the trend, an average increase of 10% -20%, this, the National Development and Reform Commission released on January 11 News that the appliance industry has been held to remind the price policy rules and regulations warned that the household electrical appliance enterprises may not bid up prices.However, there are industry insiders pointed out that the normalization of the monitoring and reasonable price control is conducive to household appliances and manufacturing industry in the healthy development.

There is no unified standard for the colluding monopoly

'The recent home appliance market prices of some products, causing widespread concern', the National Development and Reform Commission this pointed out that in order to maintain the home appliance market price order, has warned household appliance enterprises have warned not to collusion with each other horizontal monopoly; not the implementation of vertical monopoly; Shall not use the false or misleading price means to implement price fraud.Once the violation of the law, the price department in accordance with the "Price Law", "Anti-monopoly Law", "anti-monopoly law" Major domestic air-conditioning, refrigerators, color televisions, washing machines, small household electrical appliance manufacturers and the main e-commerce platform responsible person attended the caution.

Beijing Commercial News reporter access to the "Price Law" found, which clearly stipulates that operators shall not collusion with each other, manipulate the market price, damage to other operators or the legitimate rights and interests of consumers; not fabricate, spread price information, drive up prices, promote commodity prices If the circumstances are serious, it shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification, or the business license shall be revoked by the administrative department for industry and commerce of the People 's Republic of China, and the relevant departments shall order them to correct and confiscate the illegal gains.

It is worth mentioning that the "Price Law" that collusion in order to manipulate the market price behavior, if it is a national, by the State Council department in charge of price that, if the provincial and provincial or regional, by the provinces, autonomous regions, Autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central People's Government in charge of price determined that the industry has pointed out that this also means that China is still not a unified national price collusion identified price or price determination, mainly based on evidence to verify the judge.

Appliances industry is a highly market-oriented industry, retail prices are almost entirely determined by the enterprise, but the air-conditioning industry, for example, the United States, Gree, Haier three companies in the market will be able to market On the share of more than 60%, if the three companies collude prices will obviously harm the interests of consumers.

Raw materials prices rose 50%

In fact, before the National Development and Reform Commission voices, starting from last September, the whole home appliance industry will set off a wave of price increases in September, the music will be the first to announce the price of some super-100-200 million, followed by November 21, TV once again announced that it will 40-inch, 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch models of each part of the price once again raised 100 yuan, 65-inch models of each part of the price increase of 300 yuan.

Millet TV 3S, 48 inches, from 1999 yuan to 2299 yuan, millet TV 3S, 55 inches, from 3499 yuan rose to 3699 yuan.And as early as last year In November, Hisense Tianjin Branch also spread a notice of price increases, said it would 43-inch and up TV 200-300 yuan, 49-50-inch TV raised 100-200 yuan, the new price execution time is November 2016 25 days.

Also in the air-conditioning industry, the US air-conditioning had also announced that each air-conditioning prices will rise 50-200 per month, Hitachi home central air conditioning notice from January 1, 2017 implementation of the price adjustment, an average increase of 10% refrigerator industry, the United States, TCL , Omar and other major manufacturers are also released in different regions related to price increases notice.In addition, some water heater business recently started to raise prices 5% -10%.

The rise in raw materials, the price of home appliances is the main factor.Television, for example, the panel in the cost of the entire TV accounted for more than 50%, according to market research firm IHS published in November panel quotes show, including 40 inches, Large-size TV panels such as 43-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch models rose by 10 dollars a month, with an average increase of 5-8%. Accumulated TV panel prices rose more than 50% in the second half of 2016.

Also from the second half of last year, the refrigerator insulation material foam material, black material rose more than 100% to 21,000 yuan / ton, white material rose more than 30%, the main raw material rose 40%, the price of 49,000 yuan / ton , Plastic, aluminum and other prices rose more than 30% in the second half of last year, the refrigerator raw material prices rose very fast, especially the foam material; other steel prices also increased, the company refrigerator production costs or a certain pressure.

The manufacturing industry still need reasonable price regulation

Reasonable price rise is not a bad thing, the industry is pointed out that, in fact, with the 'callback' is the true state of the home appliance industry in January 11, China Electronic Video Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Peng Jianfeng talking about 2016 China Color TV industry, the status quo will point out that because of the sharp rise in costs, color TV prices stabilized down.

In the short term, TV prices have risen, but in fact the time stretched can be seen, the price of household electrical appliances is not excessive.Data show that the second half of last year, 40-inch TV average price remained at around 2,000 yuan, 65-inch average price To maintain between 7500-1 million; and early 2013, 40-inch TV average price of 4,000 yuan, 65-inch TV average price of 20,000 yuan or more.

From the past few years, the development of home appliance industry can also be seen, a simple price war is not a good thing for the entire industry from 2013, to music, millet, led by Internet companies cross-border into the color TV industry, through high-cost low-cost strategy to quickly open Market, to promote the traditional TV to smart TV upgrade.

For the consumer is good, but the industry has stepped into the incremental does not increase the embarrassing point.According to Ovid Cloud data show that the third quarter of 2016 color TV market retail volume of 11.95 million units, an increase of 8.9%; Retail sales fell 5.9% to 35.3 billion yuan.

In the air-conditioning industry, because of the 'home appliances to the countryside', 'trade-in', 'energy-saving Huimin' and other stimulus policies, many small and medium enterprises through the introduction of low-priced products to grab the market, rapid expansion of capacity in the second half of 2014 the entire air- , Making the 2015-2016 air conditioning market into the market downturn.

Industry observers Hongshibin pointed out that the outside world should be a rational view of the price fluctuations of household electrical appliances to price increases, for example, in the raw material up the environment, if the business does not rise or even anti-down, then roughly the following three cases, Product premium ability, large scale, able to withstand rising costs, and tried to seize the opportunity to seize the market; the second is the radical enterprises are willing to own losses to seize the market; third through cutting corners, reducing raw material quality, service discounts, to achieve The cost of the decline of the first two Fortunately, if it is the latter, it is really harm the interests of consumers.