Apple said the test method is wrong

Apple 's MacBook notebooks, Apple' s MacBook Notebook, Apple 's MacBook Notebook, Apple' s MacBook Notebook, Apple 's MacBook Notebook, Apple' s MacBook Notebook, Series with its thin and long battery life has been favored by consumers, but last year launched the new MacBook Pro has encountered a sort of a small problem.

New MacBook Pro

Last month, the US authoritative magazine "Consumer Reports" announced the new Apple MacBook Pro laptop battery test results show that the battery life ranging from 3.75 to 19.5 hours between such a result is clearly eye-popping, but Apple users Many people in the community think this is because the software failure, or it is because the benchmark set related issues due to delays in solving the problem, Apple decided to remove the system in the 'residual power' estimation function, Apples only.

New MacBook Pro

Later, Apple and the "Consumer Reports" conducted a joint study to find out why the battery test results are so different.We all know that each life test is difficult to come to exactly the same results, so the test is usually Will be tested several times to find the average results, but the difference of up to 5 times as much as the results or people feel surprised.

Recently, Apple released the results of this study an official statement, reads as follows:

"We are grateful for the opportunity to explore the results of our battery life tests with the Consumer Reports during the holidays and we found that Consumer Reports used the Safari browser when testing the battery life of a Mac laptop, The browser cache is turned off by a hidden setting on the development site, which is not the setting used by the user and does not reflect the actual usage (power consumption). In addition, their use of such developer settings also triggers a Hidden, intermittent failures that cause emoticons to be reloaded with the result that the results of lab tests become inconsistent.When we asked Consumer Reports to use the same user settings for the same tests, they told us The MacBook Pro system consistently delivers the expected battery life, and we fixed the problem we found in this test, which is the best MacBook Pro notebook ever produced.We pay tribute to the Consumer Report, And are pleased that they decided to re-examine the results of their tests on the MacBook Pro.

Apparently, such a vague description does not allow users to buy it.There are friends commented 'Apple: test method is not right, should be shut down test life!', Some people say 'this MacBook Pro user quality'. Who, apple, you see it?