Amazon cross-border online shopping trends: sea Amoy 2-year growth of 23 times

Amazon China yesterday released '2016 cross-border trend of online shopping report', summed up China's cross-border consumption of the four characteristics of online shopping and trends: cross-border online shopping increasingly popular and normalized, cross-border online shopping crowd younger, cross-border online shopping more quality And free cross-border distribution to release consumption potential.

December 2016 data show that Amazon is the number of active overseas users is 23 times the beginning of 2014. The report shows that with 2 years of cross-border online shopping experience accounted for more than 50% of consumers, more and more consumption Cross-border consumer groups tend to be younger, nearly eight percent of the Amazon China cross-border consumer age concentrated in the age of 35. However, in the 'single spend more than 5,000 yuan' in this dimension, 60 At the same time, the family has become the main force of cross-border online shopping group, which has about 84% of the children's families accounted for.In addition, the consumer is no longer more Concerned about the price of 2015 Amazon cross-border e-commerce trends report shows that Chinese consumers in the cross-border online shopping in the most concerned about the price .2016 report shows that quality and price for the first time tied for the Chinese consumers cross-border online shopping the two most concerned about the two elements.

According to Amazon's statistics, the consumer favorite to buy from the Amazon United States: Manhattan toy rattles and sensory teether toy, how much milk bottle and Abbott 3 infant formula; favorite from the Amazon UK: Logitech G29 power steering wheel, Philips electric toothbrush head and BRITA MAXTRA water filter. Beijing ranked 2016 Amazon top ten overseas sales of goods in the top ten cities, Beijing consumers most like to buy shoes and boots from overseas, maternal and child toys, beauty care and other goods.