Hungry Mody Reply to takeaway brother | 'urgent cry' | Truth is the case

Two days ago, the Internet heat transfer of a small video, a takeaway brother because the delivery time-out, crying in the elevator, anxious look very sad ...

This morning, hungry, what the official issued a document that the take-away brother is hungry what employees, he called Yingchun, Jiangxi Ganzhou who is hungry Mody hummingbird distribution Beijing, a distribution staff, video scene, occurred in 2016 In December.

At midday peak time, he was in the Oriental Plaza, Block A elevator lift, who also has an order for the Oriental M Medias Block A. Block A lift a layer of a stop, and Block B, a conservative estimate of the elevator have to wait more than 10 Minutes, the time is very tight, he was anxious to cry.

Moreover, the back of a single really late, he was also a user complaint.

The takeaway brother because they do not adapt to the northern winter, was the end of December 2016, returned to Jiangxi home.

Hungry Mody said that since last year, hungry Mody to enhance distribution technology, optimize the management system, and spent great efforts, as long as the line there is a 'urgent cry' rider brothers, hungry Mody can only continue to work conscientiously , So that every man (or a woman) is no longer in the work of the precious man tears.