Cross-border supply chain continued to force the performance of high-growth can be expected

Cross-border supply chain in cross-border supply side continued to force .1 9, cross-border Tongbao Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. announced that with the cross-border e-commerce Shenzhen Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'cross-wing' Cross-border through the proposed price of 16.73 yuan per share to subscribe for cross-border wing of nearly 120 million shares of new shares, the cross-border cross-border cross-border will be held after the pass will be 24.3705% stake in cross-border.

Cross-border said, the cross-border wing for capital increase is conducive to long-term development of the company, enhance the company's own anti-risk ability and long-term competitiveness.Transverse believes that the country in order to promote cross-border e-commerce industry to accelerate the development, Good policy, and put forward specific measures to solve cross-border electricity providers in the customs clearance, payment, settlement, tax and other aspects of the problem.However, the current national policies, especially the pilot cities are still in the exploratory phase of the policy, Details are not yet clear.

The Company reminded investors that Shenzhen Cross-border Wings Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. is in the stage of accumulation and development and its profitability is not strong at present. Due to the changes of macroeconomic environment, fluctuation of industry boom degree, intensified market competition and rapid technological updating , As well as cross-border wing may not accurately grasp the industry trends and market opportunities, brain drain risk, cross-wing wing performance can not achieve the desired risk.

Announcement shows that as of December 31, 2015, the total cross-border wing assets of 120 million yuan, total liabilities of nearly 90 million yuan (including total bank loans, current liabilities), net assets of about 30 million yuan, annual operating income of 42,784.16 In the first half of 2016, unaudited data show that cross-border wing to achieve revenue 150 million yuan, total profit -940.75 million yuan, net profit of -941.01 million yuan, total profit of -9.251 million yuan, net profit of -972.31 million Million.

According to reports, cross-border wing of the main business, including cross-border wing of the main business, including cloud warehouse and logistics platform, supply and marketing platform for the two business segments. Logistics, international and domestic warehousing, customs clearance, domestic distribution, ERP system and other integrated services business.

This is the first time since January 9, 2016, cross-border cross-border business investment from the fourth in January .2016 and in August, cross-border through the replenishment of Shenzhen Global E-Commerce Co., Ltd. 400 million and 14.4 Billion, in December, again 450 million acquisition of Shenzhen before the sea PATEXUN Network Technology Co., Ltd. to equity; beginning of this year 20 million capital increase in Shenzhen cross-border e-commerce Co., Ltd., amounted to 2.132 billion yuan.

In addition, the acquisition of Shanghai You One E-Commerce Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou 100 Lun Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd. assets have been prepared and disclosed as a major asset restructuring plan, not included in the scope of the cumulative calculation.