Amazon China President: How do we | 'ground gas'?

Today, in the '2016 Cross-border trend of online shopping report' conference, Amazon, vice president and president of Amazon China Zhang Wenyi published entitled "with global advantages to achieve local innovation," the speech, she recalled 2016 Amazon China in promoting cross-border electricity business aspects of doing, and talked about a global Internet companies in China, 'grounding gas' topic.

'2017, we will be better to explore how to bring the advantages of the Amazon global resources to China, combined with the development of the Chinese market, local consumer needs to do the best innovation,' global vision 'of the' localization '. Zhang Wenyi pointed out.

In addition, according to Zhang Wenyi concluded that in 2016 Amazon's development in China there are three major breakthroughs: First, the Prime Member Services to China, the second is to introduce Amazon's Amazon overseas shopping options, Of the market.

In her view, the Amazon global advantage and the needs of Chinese consumers and pain points together, with innovative ways to solve the problem, this is the Amazon in China's development.

The following is Zhang Wenyi speech full text:

Every year to the beginning of the year, we always habitually review the past and look to the future .2016 years in my case, full and busy.I experienced the role of conversion, with the team to vigorously promote the Amazon cross-border e-commerce and the Amazon Kindle China's development.For Amazon China, especially for the Amazon China's international brand strategy, just past 2016 is the Amazon in China's development process has a significant pioneering significance of the year. Why do you say that?

First of all, in 2016, we brought the Amazon's most successful member service, Amazon Prime, to China, and it's significant that the Amazon Prime membership service is not a simple 'copy' and 'paste' of the global Prime model, Chinese consumers, tailored for cross-border online shopping Prime, in order to solve the consumer cross-border distribution in the overseas delivery of pain points provides a solution.This is the world's first to provide cross-border Amazon orders unlimited free distribution throughout the year Member services, but also the first direct from the United States to provide cross-border direct mail orders throughout the year unlimited number of members of free distribution services.

From the launch to the present, however, just a few months, Amazon Prime received positive and positive feedback from consumers and our rapid growth in the number of members, Prime registered members of the order covers the 31 provinces and municipalities more than 380 municipalities And the region, the most south to Hainan Sanya City, the most north of Heilongjiang Daxinganling region, the most Kashi region in Xinjiang, the east is the Heilongjiang Shuangyashan City .2016 Amazon Chinese consumer behavior research shows that more than 9 percent of consumers in the trial Prime Member services that will be recommended to friends or family around the use of Amazon Prime member services.

Second, we introduced Amazon's selection into Amazon's overseas store, making our overseas store the world's first global store with a multi-site experience, and once again we have achieved 'first' in Amazon's history and And once again achieved a breakthrough, and we will soon be able to buy the Amazon Outsourcing store in the United Kingdom Amazon Prime. This is not a simple expansion, involving coordination, optimization of the Amazon in Europe, the entire warehouse and logistics operations.

In China, 'wine is also afraid of the alley deep.' This year, we also tried a rich, diversified marketing: the release of the first Amazon overseas brand advertising; Black Eve, Amazon overseas purchase the first offline experience Museum We are delighted to see that these new products and services have been well received by Chinese consumers. "The positive feedback from consumers has been very positive for the products and services offered to consumers in China, and has attracted a lot of consumers to know more about our products and services in a more intuitive way. Not only for the unremitting efforts of the Amazon high praise, but also the source of our continued innovation.

In retrospect, I often wonder why we have achieved these breakthroughs and how to achieve these breakthroughs? It is because we have the advantage of the Amazon global, based on the needs of Chinese consumers, to achieve the localization of innovation. Amazon has taken full advantage of Amazon's leading global warehousing and logistics and distribution system.We put them and the needs of Chinese consumers and the pain points linked together, the Chinese Amazon is the world's most important, With innovative ways to truly meet the needs of consumers to address consumer pain points, which allows us to get the favor of consumers and recognition.

There was a media joke that Amazon China is the world's Internet companies in China the only 'survivors', it is accidental? Or inevitable? I think this is Amazon 'customer to still' the spirit of innovation and we redefined as a family How the global Internet companies in China 'grounding gas', that is based on the real needs of domestic consumers innovation.

My boss, the head of Amazon's global international retail business, Russell High, told us: 'I will not tell you what to do and what to do in the Chinese market; you know best about the needs of consumers here Person. '

For Amazon China, 2017 will be a whole new year, and we will be moving forward along our established direction, and we will be better able to explore how to bring the advantages of the Amazon global resources to China, combined with the Chinese market Development, the needs of local consumers to do the best innovation to achieve 'global vision' of the 'localization', which will be our development in China.