Ma talks Trump disclosed Ali globalization three new strategies

Yesterday morning, Alibaba founder Ma Yun in New York Trump Building and US President-designate Donald Trump had a meeting to exchange.

US President-elect and Alibaba founder Ma

According to foreign media reports, Ma's meeting with Trump, mainly to discuss Alibaba's latest US expansion plans.As the world's largest economy, the United States has been an important global market expansion of Ali.Therefore, Trump 'marketing' Ali, the reflection is Alibaba 2017 in the globalization of the new strategy.

Strategy 1: Jump out of the concept of import and export to achieve global trading

For most of China's cross-border retail electricity providers, mainland China has been a key link in the trade - cross-border exports of electric business sellers are dominated by local Chinese businessmen, and cross-border imports of electricity business to buy Home are dominated by Chinese local consumers.

However, Ma told Trump that US small and medium-sized companies could sell their products to the Chinese market and could sell goods to other regions in Asia. "We have a large market share in Asia and Southeast Asia." .

In the back of the speech, Ma made it clear: Ali is not only in mainland China-based import and export business platform, but similar to Amazon and eBay can achieve global trading ecosystem.

So, how is this global trading ecosystem built? Ma to Trump stressed the Southeast Asian market or exposed the answer.

On April 12, 2016, Ali announced a $ 1 billion takeover of a controlling stake in Lazada, a Southeast Asian power provider, with a total transaction value of $ 1.3 billion in 2015 and operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines , Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

After the acquisition of Lazada, Ali began to help domestic retailers landing the platform to sell products to consumers in Southeast Asia, and now, Ali clearly began to encourage US businesses in the site of commodity trading.

In addition to the Southeast Asian market, Hong Kong and China, Taiwan, Ali also expand the global trading model is an important part of last November Ali released as of September 30 quarterly financial report clearly pointed out that in 2016 double 11 Ali began to allow its overseas businesses to Products are sold to places outside mainland China, of which, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, China's first plan to visit the two major markets.

Last year, the dual-11 launch of the General Assembly, Liu Peng, general manager of Lynx International also stressed the need to focus on upgrading the platform to support the global business and partners to 'sell the world.' 'Through cooperation with business communication, we identified overseas There is a greater chance, you can go to Hong Kong and Taiwan, Southeast Asia. 'Liu Peng said.

It is noteworthy that the cross-border retail business is not Ali's first attempt to global trading, as early as the year before, Ali's international wholesale business has achieved the model.It is reported that in the second half of 2015, Alibaba International Station also on the line 'brand According to informed sources, Alibaba International Station brand in addition to the Museum of the station in the screening of the seller, will also be well-known foreign brands and agents to cooperate in support of its 'sell the world'.

However, it is noteworthy that, although Ali has begun to get through the global trading model, but the new model and Ali China's electricity business compared to still 'too tender'.

Ali published in November last year, as of September 30 quarterly earnings report shows that the quarter when Ali international retail and international wholesale business total revenue of 427 million US dollars, accounting for 9% of its total revenue; and Ali China's total electricity business total Revenue is as high as 3.83 billion US dollars, accounting for 74% of total revenue, a difference of more than 8 times.

Therefore, for overseas businesses, although Ali encourages its 'sell the world', but Ali's share in China is still the most concerned about these overseas sellers 'cake'.

Strategy 2: Agricultural products or into a new business outbreak point

In the meeting with Trump exchange, Ma addition to Ali ambitions to disclose the global trading, but also that Ali import business in the future concerns.

Ma told Trump that Ali would support one million US small and medium-sized enterprises, particularly in the Midwest, to encourage the sale of US agricultural products and US services through Ali's platform to China and Asia. "Many US agricultural, Including plums, wine and fruit can be sold through the Alibaba platform. 'Ma said so.

In the United States President-elect 'marketing' Ali platform in the process, Ma stressed that agricultural trade, as if Ali's agricultural import business reflects the degree of attention.

In fact, from the end of last year, Ali began to layout the US supply chain of fresh and agricultural products layout in November last year, Ali announced that with the US fresh platform B2B GrubMarket to establish relations of cooperation, which will Tianmao International, Health to provide red walnut, apricot, cereal, frozen seafood and other high-quality food produced in the United States.

In addition, Ali is not only concerned about the United States of agricultural products.It is reported that in September last year began trial operation of the Lynx International Canada Pavilion, the Canadian 'native' lobster, maple syrup, rapeseed oil and ice wine four native products Became the focus of the museum to change goods in the signing of cooperation agreements with Ali the same day, Canadian Prime Minister Justin. Trudeau also personally recommend to the Chinese consumers of these four Canadian agricultural products.

In last year's double-11, Lynx International also played the 'really fresh global' slogan, with a thousand countries of origin, including agriculture, pastures, fishing grounds, to ensure the origin of direct supply.

In addition to agricultural products in the supply chain to expand, Ali in the cross-border logistics to build more perfect.In the previous days, Liu Peng, general manager of Lynx International has said that Lynx International in Australia and Hong Kong are equipped with storage, the fastest to achieve Two days arrival.

Of course, from the days of the cat to actively expand the phenomenon of fresh agricultural products can be seen clearly, China's cross-border electricity supplier import industry is gradually getting rid of maternal and infant beauty products such as a single category composition.

Prior to this, Liu Peng, general manager of Lynx International has also been raised in the past, some platforms can only sell diaper self-proclaimed cross-border business, but now, Chinese consumers need to buy more categories and brands.

'This demand has been slowly extended from a number of people to a lot of people, from some categories to a wider category.Currently, the international sales of red wine, agricultural products, as well as some new categories and brands, not limited to mothers and babies, health care. 'Liu Peng stressed that while the international category to expand Lifestyle is to deal with the whole new trend of imports.

Strategy 3: to drive export exports

It is noteworthy that, in response to the meeting with Trump, Ma revealed only to the media with the United States to use Ali platform to export to China and Asia-related programs, no mention of Chinese sellers export products to the United States.

So, Ali do not care about US imports of Chinese goods attitude?

In fact, because Trump's coming to power, so that the Sino-US trade environment in 2017 is full of instability in the previous Trump has been issued by the tax on imported goods to boost US manufacturing, the Act if the real Promulgated or affected China's exports to the US trade, will also directly affect the business of Ali's exports of electricity.

In addition, at the end of last year, the US Trade Representative Office also re-included in the annual Alibaba 'infamous market' blacklist, Ali's image in the United States have been affected consumers, so for Ali, the fight for access to the US government Of its support is essential for its export business.

From the Ma talks with Trump's performance, Ali obviously want to take the import business to drive the export business strategy.

In last year's billion state power network cross-border e-commerce summit, Liu Peng, general manager of Lynx International, the future import and export must be strongly associated.

'This is a characteristic of global trade, and most countries encourage exports and impose more or less restrictions on imports because global trade is characterized by imports and exports, and global trade does not mean that one country exports only to another, or only To another country, but must be multilateral, import and export phase tied up a business form. 'Liu Peng said.

Liu Peng believes that multilateral trade is the pattern of international trade balance between the two countries, such as Ali, if the Chinese users through the Ali platform from some of the international import volume change, these countries may also give Ali quick sell and other export platform Much support, 'he said.

In fact, the year before last, Tianmao International has gradually introduced the United States Pavilion, Japan Pavilion, Korea Pavilion, Museum of Australia, the German Pavilion and other 16 national pavilions, and with a number of countries and regions government to establish relations of cooperation.

From the results of this year's cat's international point of view, Ali is also attractive to the overseas regional government is large enough.From the days of international public data, the state power network that, last year, double-11 days in the country across the Cats International The total number of orders for the pilot ranks first, the same day the amount of orders equivalent to the top ten cross-border imports of electricity business platform in the second to ninth of the sum of orders.In addition, the dual 11 days, The first turnover of 100 million overseas business - ChemistWarehouse overseas flagship.

In this way, in cooperation with governments to build import supply chain, Ali is also actively using its own import channel advantage for the export business 'pave the way' this 'to bring out' approach is out of a successful Road, or wait for time to verify.