Spanish police seized a large number of counterfeit sneakers | are from China?

According to the Spanish police headquarters news that the police from the beginning of November this year, the import and export or port of shipment of goods for sample inspection.Customs police in the investigation process, found a group from China, marked with 'shoes' words Container .In the process of further inspection, the police found a total of 744 boxes of shoes, of which 644 boxes of packaging and other boxes different.

Inspectors of these boxes out of the box checks, seized a large number of suspected counterfeit several well-known brands of sports shoes by the sports brand company identification, the final confirmation of all the shoes inside the container are counterfeit.

More than 14,000 pairs of counterfeit sneakers were seized, worth up to 1.5 million euros, according to police sources, the largest and most expensive counterfeit goods in recent years in the Melilla seaport.

The Spanish National Guard said it would be suspected of fraud and intellectual property infringement prosecution of the owner of the goods.Currently, the police have not yet determine the true identity of the consignee of goods, only to determine the transit of goods and destination, Relevant investigations are still in progress.