Sharing bikes staged looting parking | finally solve the illegal parking?

And its passive wait to take the initiative to be chaotic parking problem has long been criticized shared bicycle industry to try multi-directional ice.Mobil Biso and ofo, respectively, on the line under the chaos parking problem solution, the former with the red chain recommended parking spot layout , The latter by landing in Chongqing and Shapingba District of Chongqing City, the cooperation of public bicycle parking spaces, from the user education, fines to the government and enterprises together to break the problem, the rush of the shared bicycle is busy building a set of methodology against the chaos Parking problem.

Operating costs increased sharply

Regardless of shared bicycle business to recognize or not, the line illegal parking problem since the beginning of the popular industry has been questioned by the industry, which has been exposed from the urban management, transportation and other vehicles can be seen in the car, but in September last year to share the bike The concept has just jumped red, there have been industry insiders told the Beijing Commercial Daily reporter, the current corporate goal is to rapidly expand, no time to focus on parking and riding on the standard.Other companies explain why not punish illegal parking When the view is that the rules are willing to abide by the rules set up, bluntly credit system or punitive measures and can not completely solve the parking problem.

'The rules alone are simple and crude, but the red line should be there.' This is the industry's general idea, but also part of the user's mind. 'In fact, I would like to know where to park, so when I find a car Will be more convenient. 'Shared bicycle user Xiaoqin told the Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporter Analysys Wang Chenxi that chaos parking problem does increase the operating costs of bicycle enterprises, especially large-scale, the cost problem will be more obvious. Riding Bai public relations sources, 'violation will reduce the cycling rate, such as parked in the area, the basement, etc., but also increase the platform operation and maintenance inputs, if 100 vehicles per day to stop, it is necessary to increase 5 Line operation and maintenance personnel '.

Rational allocation of resources

And parking problem is proportional to the expansion of shared bicycle speed, since the fourth quarter of last year, sharing bicycles has repeatedly accelerated the line speed, chaos parking affect urban traffic, the appearance of the city's problems have been repeated, the relevant government departments to maintain the difficulty of increasing , Wang Chenxi that the reason is that some governments do not welcome the basic shared bicycle.

However, the sharing of bicycles and the government is not incompatible.On January 10 ofo announced to enter the Shapingba District of Chongqing, Shapingba District of foro in the subway stations, bus stops, residential areas, commercial areas, public service areas and other surrounding areas designated bicycle parking Bit, and witho to promote the development of shared bicycle industry standards.

Ofo relevant person in charge to the Beijing Commercial Daily reporter, from the government cooperation, the current ofo has been with the Haizhu District of Guangzhou, Chongqing Shapingba area designated shared bicycle parking area.In addition to standard parking, ofo also announced and Shapingba District Will promote the development of intelligent sharing of bicycle industry standard without piles.

'Now share the development of bicycle market is almost barbaric growth, companies are in pursuit of large-scale, the pursuit of market share, a lot of cycling, but also in crowded place more, some areas have oversupplied. Limited social resources and the development of shared bicycle speed, which is the government and businesses are reluctant to see.

Channel business layout

To find partners to solve the problem of parking chaos has become a tacit understanding of the choice of sharing the bicycle industry.On January 10, Mabai Bicycle announced the signing of strategic cooperation agreement with Sichuan Hongqi Chain Store Co., Ltd. Sichuan Sichuan Province. From the beginning of January, Mo Bai Bikes in Chengdu in front of the red chain stores to carry out the first 'Mo worship recommended parking' licensing and layout of the work, has completed 51 stores in the future, the red flag chain will be Moab Intelligent Sharing Cycling in the streets of Chengdu, an important distribution point, Mopei users can also be an emergency fault car Guilong to the nearby red flag shop.

Wang Chenxi that 'the cooperation between the two sides can make a large number of high-quality Mo Bai parking spots, the location of the red flag in the flow of people in a larger place, and the red flag in Chengdu well-known chain, a fixed source, will bring a large number of users Mo Ba This idea is very good, if implemented on schedule can really reduce the burden of some operating companies'.

Riding chanting through cooperation with the sesame credit through the interface will be illegal to stop the user information passed to the sesame credit, sesame credit branch of the user to be affected at the same time, almost all of the shared bicycles in the home page and rules, To remind.