The second generation of the cost of the decline in Mabai | founder: explore different routes

2016, 'capital winter' and 'high-quality assets shortage' to become a hot word venture capital circles, but 'shared bicycle' out of the tight encirclement.October 10 last year, ofo completed C round of financing this year, January 4, Cycling announced the completion of Round D equity financing.

Encounter the Internet, travel again subversion, but also to the road safety and urban management has brought great challenges.As Beijing Mo worship Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Mo worship technology), founder Hu Weiwei envisaged, 'let the bike return to the city' Of the trend occurred in the moment, however, urban space resources and urban traffic management can not be timely docking, the parties to coordinate the issue becomes urgent.

On the morning of January 10, Mabai bicycle signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the super-business giant Red Flag chain in Chengdu. Red Flag's chain stores in more than 2700 stores in Chengdu will complete the license and layout of the 'Moaba Recommended Parking Point' jobs.

'This is a win-win situation, it can be said is a win-win cooperation.' In this cooperation, the Red Flag Chairman Cao Shiru chain is very excited, she said, 'the future will strengthen the line of cooperation between the two sides'.

The streets of the city has become a 'palette', orange, yellow, blue, red ... ... in the assists of the capital, 'shared bicycle' of the sharp increase in volume.

To Mo Bai bicycle, for example, its founder Hu Wei Wei said on January 10, Mo worship has entered the 10 cities in 2016, Shanghai in December 2010, the volume exceeded 10 million units, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other cities are also expected to rise 'Hundreds of thousands of clubs'.

Inevitably, this increases the demand for public parking space in the city.The most difficult problem is the management of disorderly and disorderly management.Mobabei itself put forward a credit sub-system, saying that if the chaos stop being misplaced points, riding The cost may be increased from 1 yuan to 100 yuan / half an hour.

In January 10, 'shared bicycle' parking problem may have a new solution.According to the red chain and Moab technology envisioned, the two sides will integrate the advantages of resources, through the organic combination of online and offline to achieve 'shared Cycling O2O service model '.

In the future, the red flag chain will become an important hub of the streets of Chengdu Mopei bicycles, Mopei users can also be an emergency car owned by the red flag near the shop, Mo worship the staff the first time to solve the problem.

According to media reports, the cost of the first generation of the Mabei bike in 3000 yuan / vehicle, the user generally reflects the 'bad heavy riding', Hu Weiwei explained: 'This design, low damage, low maintenance costs.' However, Mo Bi cycle in November last year launched the second generation Mobike Lite, the cost dropped to thousands of dollars, the user is reflected in 'riding experience comfortable a lot'.

In an interview at the scene, Hu Weiwei said, the introduction of second-generation Mobei 'is not really from the cost considerations, but to explore different product lines', she stressed that the technology needs through the market iteration and operation , To get a better product direction and results.

How to experience the comfort and vehicle cost control between the two options? Hu Weiwei gives her a different view of the cost of the logic.

A bike, how long the life cycle is good? 3 months, 1 year, or 4 years? 'Life cycle is not the same, the cost is certainly not the same.' Hu Wei Wei said, 'comfort and reliability of the product is the process of continuous game , High reliability, comfort will be sacrificed, it is certain.For example, the comfort of inflatable tires is not as good as pneumatic tires, but the latter requires a lot of operation and maintenance work. 'For the product line to go to the Mabai technology Said, 'We have been exploring a golden point, and continuously improve comfort while ensuring the safety and stability,' said Hu Weiwei.