Ann bunny mobile phone praise list | top seven are monopolized by it

After following the performance and cost-effective ranking, Ann rabbit in later today announced 2016 mobile phone popularity rate TOP 10, surprisingly after the vote, ranked in the top 7 are iPhone, where the latest release Of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus favorable rate reached 100%.

The Ann Bunny published data from the praise list data collection time for 2016 January to December, by summarizing the user in the rabbit rabbit evaluation 6.0 which the real comments on the product, which a single model of the comment statistics> 1000.

In this Monday, Apple ushered in the tenth anniversary of the release of the iPhone, coincidentally, in this list which, iPhone occupy the top seven positions, the eighth is a plus in 2016 the release of a Plus 3, ninth, tenth place for the 360 ​​release of thousands of products 360f4 and 360N4.