ASUS take you to eat new cake: seven generations of i7 with 1050 flying fortress ZX53VD hands-on play


The new year is coming, everything is a new start; especially for gamers is undoubtedly the beginning of the New Year's exciting news.With ten new graphics card flying fortress ZX53VD7700 (hereinafter referred to as ZX53) shock struck, but also for the new one PChome in the first time to get a flying fortress ZX53 evaluation machine, which in the end what extraordinary performance? Let us wait and see!

Hardware Configuration

We can see, ZX53 powerful hardware configuration to bring a strong performance, the processor uses the Intel i7-7700HQ, GTX1050 graphics, 8GB memory, 1TB mechanical hard drive, give users a superior user experience.


ASUS Flying Fort ZX53VD7700 return to the minimalist design style, in the central part of the top cover we can see ASUS landmark ASUS, on both sides of each of a raised oblique tangent, and the fuselage tail connected to form a A sense of the full shape of the line, this design makes the roof does not seem monotonous, coupled with the use of wire drawing process, looks more unparalleled fortitude.

A side of the central, ASUS LOGO eye-catching eye, and gray-black body cross-echo, perfectly integrated.

Come to B side, we can see, ZX53 uses a 15.6-inch matte display, a resolution of 1920 × 1080, for the current gaming notebook, FHD resolution is high with, be quite satisfactory, with the 1050 graphics card as if very In addition, the matte surface display allows users to join the computer for a long time, effectively reduce eye fatigue.

ASUS Flying Fort ZX53 the C surface with a red and black color design style, and uses a minimalist line design, drawing process makes the body look more mysterious.Front of the fuselage on both sides of the left and right with a speaker, placed in front So that the sound can be more directly to the user, allowing users to experience the best sound quality experience.The ZX53 touchpad using a one-piece design, the aspect ratio is moderate, feel acceptable, the area of ​​the elbow tray Great, very comfortable typing.

ZX53 D surface, ASUS designed multiple cooling windows and corresponding to the internal configuration of multiple fans, we can see that the cooling holes have a relatively large area, Ji plans to achieve good cooling effect; the bottom of the four corners are also equipped with anti-skid Pad, on the one hand to protect the D-side, on the other hand can be firmly fixed on the desktop notebook.

Keyboard feel

Play the game is of course the most important control of the handle, and for the game notes, the keyboard is basically all of the control, because the mouse does not operate on the keyboard so obvious difference, for the highly competitive game, a little manipulation feel difference May affect the entire war situation, visible keyboard for the importance of the game, is self-evident. Next, we will ZX53 keyboard for detailed analysis.

We can see from the figure, ZX53 small keyboard settings allow gamers to have a richer shortcut keys set in the WSAD four standard game direction buttons below we also see a special red logo, which is the game of the .

Backlight is one of the essential skills of the game, it can not only make the notebook more cool, more practical role is to make the player in a dark environment, but also to see the keyboard key symbols ZX53 red backlight effect is very Cool, even in the absence of lighting at night, we can also be carefree to play the game.

Interface and development

In the interface, ZX53 can meet the needs of the user's expansion, the following look at the specific interface configuration:

From the figure we can visually see ZX53 interface is mainly distributed in the left and right sides of the fuselage, the right side includes the power connector, a network cable port, 2 USB 3.0 interface, HDMI interface and audio interface, the left side there is a USB 3.0 interface, DVD drive and security keyhole, the overall scalability is also good, to meet the needs of users.

It is worth noting that, ZX53 does not give up the DVD drive, which is usually like to watch the genuine film of the small partners will be good news.External display, the ZX53 only one HDMI video interface, so only an external monitor, This is a one for a seem to have some regret.


ASUS Flying Fort ZX53 the first to carry the NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics card, from the test results point of view, its ability to GTX 965M and GTX 970M, although the price is not known, but guess it certainly will not be priced higher than the GTX 965M ASUS ZX53 also equipped with the latest generation of Intel i7-7700HQ processor, compared to the previous generation products have about 10% of the performance increase, the overall level of the machine again pulled high, this is the price of the machine In the current notebook market is the performance of the forefront of the product.

However, ZX53 mechanical hard drive is certainly a flaw in the era of universal SSD, there may be out of the consideration of the cost of compression, ASUS uses a computing efficiency is not high HHD; Xiaobian experience in the process of deep feel strange, Usually used SSD people, suddenly in exchange for HHD, the overall feeling of the file processing speed so a little bit slow, I hope ASUS ZX53 hard drive can be upgraded to a very perfect upgrade.

In short, ZX53 is the first to carry 1050 graphics cards, seventh-generation processor early adopters, its high price, excellent performance is definitely the majority of game enthusiasts of choice.

Game performance testing

Followed by a real swords and guns of the test, and we were selected the following four games to test:

"Dust: Rally"

"Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege"

"Tomb Raider"

The selected test games are relatively high on the hardware requirements of well-known masterpiece, which "Rainbow VI" for the memory capacity requirements are extremely harsh, and "dust" is the physical effect of outstanding hardware killer.

We are in the actual game test will be all files are installed in the C drive to get the perfect test results.The first test is the game comes with the benchmark, are open to the highest special effects, and turn off the vertical sync option. The second is 3Dmark's Fire Strike test.

▲ ZX53 dust rally test: the highest quality, an average of 34.72FPS

▲ ZX53 Rainbow Six test: the highest quality, average 58.2FPS

▲ ZX53 Tomb Rise Test: the highest quality, an average of 30.89FPS

▲ ZX53 Fire Stirke test: 5500 points

From the performance test, the processor performance without any worry; and part of the graphics card with a mysterious GTX 1050 graphics card, the overall performance is very good response to the current network game and most of the stand-alone game is no problem.The only problem is the ZX53 Using a mechanical hard drive, the game read speed slightly less, but it will not affect the overall situation; overall for gamers is a good choice.

Basic performance testing

The test ZX53 using the 7th generation i7-7700HQ processor; memory for the 8GB, 1TB HHD. Graphics card was GTX1050, can be said to read and write from the file system to run, to the revision of the game, can give users an extraordinary Experience.

▲ machine configuration

The machine is equipped with Intel Core i7-7500U processor, based on 14nm process technology, the core code-named Kaby Lake, with 4-core 8 thread design, the initial clocked at 2.80GHz, shared L3 cache is 6MB, the standard TDP is 45W .

▲ processor basic information

▲ processor performance test

We use CINEBENCH R15 on the performance of this processor has been tested, the single-core score of 159 points, 4-core score of 734 points, the overall performance is excellent, it should be said that the current mainstream applications can provide a variety of good computing performance.

▲ hard drive performance test

ZX53 equipped with a 1TB HHD, AS SSD Benchmark test can be seen, it's hard disk read and write capabilities in the game which is not very good, if replaced by solid-state hard drive is better.

Next we also used PCMark 8 to evaluate the overall performance of the product, the test project for the Home, Creative, Work three projects, which includes Web browsing, word processing, image processing, video processing, and other aspects, close to the user Of the actual application model.

Home mode final score: 3308 points

Creative mode final score: 4333 points

Work mode final score: 4632 points

From the results point of view, ZX53 should meet the daily office application requirements is no problem.