Venture Circle also has | 'straight male cancer', female CEO: sex discrimination is not rare

In a WeChat group, the female CEO who bombed!

January 6, hosted by the Greek gull network '2017 Second Chinese CEO New Year Summit', the founder of North Beijing investment Luo Mingxiong made the "Beijing investment ten do not vote," the theme of speaking, which naked To say, 'female CEO generally do not vote', sparked a great controversy.

Luo Mingxiong that their reasons are sufficient.He said that women's physical, psychological and family care and childbirth and other reasons, this business than men to suffer much more at the same time in the strategy, pattern and mentality, etc. also than men some Differences, women are more suitable as a deputy; if you insist on doing so, its subordinates is also very easy, so for women CEO generally do not vote.

In addition, Luo Mingxiong also said that if a male CEO of the enterprise, several vice president is full of women, he said he would not vote, because the entrepreneur has no mind, can not recruit the same excellent, ambitious men Vice president, so the company's probability is very low, not suitable for investment.

January 7, Beijing North investment through the public to respond to the controversy, the title directly, 'We do not vote is the general female CEO, you bite me ah?' However, Luo Mingxiong in the speech that 'female CEO generally do not vote' , WeChat response has become: do not vote for the general female CEO, a large play word game.One moment, Luo Mingxiong was friends criticized, was dubbed 'straight male cancer' call.

Who is Luo Mingxiong?

After the publication of controversial remarks, Luo Mingxiong and his investment in Beijing North was a 'peel'.

In early 2015, Beijing North investment to complete a fund-raising, investment in more than 20 outstanding Internet financial companies; 2016, the second phase of the Fund is expected to complete the 40-50 home Internet ( Internet, Investment in the financial sector.

According to investment in Beijing North said in 2015, 2016, respectively, investment in 18 Internet financial companies, a total of 36. And rather embarrassing is that in the Beijing North official website, showcase the six investment case CEO is a woman.

Combing the North Beijing past investment case, in addition to a number of P2P and the public platform, more well known is the carat coffee.

In 2015, carat coffee in the heart of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Futian CBD excellence IN? TOWN opening, known as 'the first domestic focus on Internet financial cafes', because once raised tens of millions of public concern.However, as the industry's most domestic rent Expensive cafes, carat coffee daily rental and operating costs of more than 30,000 yuan, one-day cost more than a month of ordinary coffee shop operating costs.

In May last year, one of the shareholders of karaoke coffee e-speed credit chairman Jane comet was arrested on suspicion of illegal deposits from the public in accordance with the law to arrest the first anniversary of the departure of only 18 days when karaoke coffee release "notice of closure" in 2016 August 1 officially closed, the amount of investment in Beijing North gone.

The face of such a transcript, a netizen irony Luo Mingxiong which emboldened to shout 'do not vote female CEO' There are female CEO open to choke, Queen Huang Huan, CEO of the day do not need such investors!

A 90 female CEO of the real experience

In fact, 'sexism' is not uncommon in VC circles.

Zhou Yingqi, 90, is a focus on providing emotional services for the female business platform co-founder of two years ago, she returned from Beijing to Shenzhen venture, in order to meet a lot of financing investors, but also suffered a lot of wonderful work And even once published real-name articles to expose the VCs 'sex discrimination' .She spit, in communication with some investors are not even clear the project will be very directly put forward:

'You partner no boys? That is not ah, have to find a boy, or else it must fail';

'You are too feminine thinking, I rarely seen the success of two female partners';

'You have no pattern ah, the proposal is to find a boy to do CEO, you have a candidate?'

And when asked what is the 'male thinking', their answer: ambition, dedication, pattern. 'Frankly, these and gender has nothing to do, and we very much welcome investors in understanding the project, put forward some reliable recommendations, Directly with male cancer way, with sexist attitudes. "Zhou Yingqi looked very helpless.

Over the years, Zhou Yingqi real female CEO in the domestic VC circle is not easy, especially in dealing with investors in the process.

She is very sigh, the female CEO is difficult and male entrepreneurs, at any time about the investors to drink, and investors say fraternizing, 'we are trying to learn German flutter, but really did not touch the doorway, boys love to KTV we also Is not suitable to go. "Her real experience is that some of the dinner if there are investors, basically only in the atmosphere of the meal process can also be 'bite the bullet to the back of the total social feeling Biequ.' Decent investors will take the initiative to avoid Open and female entrepreneurs go too close, to avoid mess with some gossip.

In Shenzhen and Beijing's entrepreneurial circle, never lack of female CEO and investors gossip, from the investment manager, director of investment to the partners, all levels have a variety of subversive three concept of the story there, 'I am female entrepreneurs Of the living environment once again feel worried, especially as a little bit of beauty of women entrepreneurs.

In the end do not vote to vote female CEO?

As a female CEO, the true love of the Fund CEO Fang said BP does not consider gender, 'all investors are looking for opportunities for investment unicorn, it will not be because the girls on the investment, or because it is girls Do not vote, the key to see the entrepreneur has the potential to lead the company to become a unicorn '.

Fang Ai of the mentioned, the true grid fund cast a lot of female entrepreneurs, the founder is about women more than 30 teams, if the count is the co-founder of women, this figure should be higher, and the investment of these women entrepreneurs the most successful To be honey bud baby Liu Nan.

Liu Nan is known as 'a fast woman than Liu Qiang East', not only a female CEO, was also a full-time mother and her entrepreneurial experience is legendary, the first year of online site, Jingdong Mall to sell 3000 Million, she sold 3 million the next year, Jingdong Mall to sell 80 million, she sold at least 10 million.It is worth mentioning that, Liu Nan start two years to complete four financing, has received a real fund, Sequoia Capital , Huaxing Xianfeng and other institutions of investment.

The clear capital vice president Liu Bo also said that female CEO itself has some irreplaceable advantages, 'the golden age of female entrepreneurs have come.' She further explained that in the vertical and consumer upgrades, with the characteristics of female entrepreneurs More easily in this consumer upgrade the tide of success; in the aesthetic era, for women users of products is to solve the user's efficiency, taste and aesthetic issues, women entrepreneurs inherent nature can be given to the product.

However, some people support Luo Mingxiong said that women born than men, they sometimes feel the family is more important than the cause, when the two conflict, they will choose the possibility of the family is relatively large, which for investment institutions to That is a potential risk.In addition, entrepreneurship will make a woman into a man, a man more men, if women entrepreneurs are particularly vulnerable to emotional, how to lead the company to go far, investors are to help entrepreneurs succeed, rather than coaxing entrepreneurs Go forward.

'I have seen ruined, left his wife and son to start a business men entrepreneurs, really have not seen women entrepreneurs are willing to go bankrupt, throw husband abandoned son to do so, this is the first entrepreneurial attitude there is a difference, and entrepreneurial attitude is Directly affect the success or failure of the important factors. 'Financial columnist Chen Qi said,' do not vote female CEO 'this sentence is not wrong, such as the founder of Mo Bi cycle Hu Weiwei once said that if the failure of the Mabai The equivalent of doing charity, and investors are certainly not happy, we are not making money to do your investment charity.

In the final analysis, the vote is not to vote female CEO, is the freedom of investors, but investors have to be responsible for the LP, the investment principle should be the pursuit of maximum return, rather than to consider the founder of gender , It is better to look at the project. Those who do not vote female CEO 'lips, women CEO who also rare such money?