The latest industry anticipation: 2017 investors are most concerned about is what?

Your 2017 ready?

2017 is bound to be an extraordinary year.The Internet competition into the re-operation phase, has been the rise of the company's site, the new company access to traffic path becomes difficult.Community, live, etc. to become their important traffic access channel.

Even more serious than the original, more vertical. Even by the Internet 'transformation' is not deep entertainment industry, there have been such changes, the content will be more subdivided, more accurate, and serve a certain group.

AI continues to develop, the robot will replace the mechanical, stylized work seems to have become an indisputable fact, but this scene will come when the real, which is the first industry affected?

SaaS also began to pay attention to online and offline management.This shows that the enterprise, the development of many years of online, offline has become a new battlefield of Internet companies?

Entrepreneurs & i dark horse hand in hand investors, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs together to interpret the 2017 industry development password.

The spring of business services has arrived

Blue Chi Venture Partners Chen Weiguang:

Three or four years ago we are talking about investment in business services, we believe that business services in the spring may come in 2017. In the SaaS subdivision in the field, we are more optimistic about business management to help line, online business company. Has not only on-line, and even millet are open under the shop, and Wang Jianlin also doing online. So through a more efficient system to manage online and offline business, the line up and down to integrate, to ensure data flow , May be a big demand, we will vote specifically for this enterprise.

Simple 'Internet Cuisine' is not far away

Hony Capital Chairman Wang Xiaolong:

Catering industry in the past two or three years, my understanding is to adjust: a number of well-known enterprises in the reduction of volume, including a very high profile of the Internet companies.

I think that 2017 needs to advance with the times, especially these points:

First, if you are really doing a catering business, we must first do this thing well, otherwise the more well-known, open the shop the greater the faster death.

Second, the enterprise partial tradition is not a problem, the problem is whether to have a good profit model.One shop is not profitable, the model problem is not resolved, whether it is a single store, Direct, joined, there will be problems.

Third, with a good model, but also really will do the product, do the brand.If a few years ago in the brewing, then next year, the era of brand catering will really come, but will be more differentiation.

Tongue busy founder Wang Xue:

Trend 1: With the burst of the Internet bubble, Internet food began to return to the essence of food, on the one hand emphasis on product tastes, on the other hand, with the flow of online dividends weakened by the line to the line precipitation, pay attention to the combination of entities and the Internet , The Internet as a means to enhance the efficiency of traditional food and customer experience and tools.

Trend II: from the large and omnidirectional subdivision of the vertical field deep plowing, in the Red Sea market to find new breakthrough point, a single product thinking prevalence, rich resources for the superfluous single product provides the cornerstone of the store, low cost, simple operation , Human, Ping effect be released, optimizing the three high and one low dining difficulties.

Artificial intelligence will replace who works

Linear Capital Partners Wang Huai:

Artificial intelligence will be the first outbreak in some specific areas.Financial is a strong field of data, intelligence can strengthen the role of data, so there should be a strong Internet financial applications.In addition, in the highly data-intensive areas of consumption, from the Consumer, security and other related point of view, such as user portraits, intelligent recommendations, and intelligent shopping guide, are based on data can be used to help AI robot to achieve.In addition, ADAS assisted driving is a typical scene.

Song Wo Yuan Wang, founder of the capital partner Cheng Hao:

AI + can be broken down countless industries, numerous tracks out of the robot itself has three tracks: industrial robots, business services, robot, consumer robots for the individual. We now see more of the more partial class of industrial robots I think not too long, 5 years later, may have a lot of Starbucks has no need of people .5-10 years, auto-driving will be in many areas the entire automotive industry chain all the innovation in the field of HR, the robot can achieve Simple automatic matching, and the realization of the robot interview.

Geek Venture Capital Partners Founder Jiang Tao:

AI is a very important technology, you can say that your future life will be artificial intelligence decision .For example, you go out today, a taxi, which car will come to your front; you go to the point of take-away, which takeaway to your So you are on your own to choose, and now are the computer to help you choose.

The future of digital life, digital behind software, software is behind the algorithm, and the algorithm is now undergoing major changes in innovation. Algorithm than your personal judgments more stable and more effective.Out the future of commercial competition, Artificial intelligence plays a decisive role in changing life, and a lot of regular work will be replaced, even if we believe that a certain degree of technical content of work will be replaced.

Live industry: death and opportunities coexist

About technology founder, CEO Han Kun:

Live broadband industry's largest threshold is not the technology but the cost of capital.Single broadband cost of small companies can not afford.No stable and continuous blood transfusion (or hematopoietic) ability to live platform is difficult to survive .2017 live industry mergers and acquisitions may have, more Is death.

Founder founder, CEO Feng Yu students:

Live with the specific industry interface in the future has a lot of room for imagination.Now PGC this live, I think it will take some time.The product of unit time and unit of investment does not match, if someone can solve this problem, live with IP , PGC will have a very good upgrade can be expected, live will become the Internet standard.

Entertainment industry into the 'vertical breakdown' era

Vice President Wang Ying Wang Ying:

2016, one thing, in a word can create a large number of net red .2017 Net red broadcast number can not fall down, net red and net red money is still the mainstream, but the problem is whether it will be more professional transmission At the same time in the process of rapid growth of net red, we hope to increase through the platform to intervene in the proportion of PGC.

Vice president of lithography capital and your red:

2017 live content is still more optimistic.We are in contact with a lot of teams are trying to take the attitude of pan-entertainment cut line, I think there will be some phenomenon-level products in 2017. In addition to the market expectations is that we next year Hope to uphold the spirit of Focus, do not exceed their ability to border, hope that next year there will be a good vertical category of the program after another.

Ding Hui cultural industry fund partner Chen Yue days:

Each new cultural change is based on three to five years for the cycle.Crawl comics, the second element of the emergence of these young people tend to bring new subculture opportunities.There is to pay attention to whether there is no innovative model out.For example, Comedy "is in the domestic comedy industry to establish industry standards, this standard is not online under the birth of sea election activities, rooted to every place to become an innovative model.

Baidu glutinous rice film industry Xu Yongming:

Issuing will be a resource-oriented business that relies on its overall strength to do the job of independent issuance of the future may be more and more difficult, this is a very clear trend.

One film president Liu Kai Luo:

This is a good time, but it does not mean that the crisis is absent. The times change quickly, even if we see the current network movie is relatively simple and direct click on the relevant model, but it will be dynamic in the future The most important is that the current form of content or learn from the traditional media, the core content of the Internet-based form of the network did not appear when the content of this model is not the same, When the content of the form appears, it may be a big change in the Council, and only then, we are really talking about the content of the market network of students.

Director, screenwriter, producer Bai Yicong:

2017, I hope the market can enter the benign stage, although it seems unlikely ... ... large and expensive drama should be chasing the hot spot, but it should emerge a small but refined content, niche, high-end content Will begin to have access to more users.

90 creators will start on the stage, if their vision and talent to get enough support, will accelerate the promotion of the entire industry changes.

IP will enter a period of rational intellectual period, the success rate of mature IP will increase, the bubble IP will be back to the original. Production team will be more important, outstanding team value will be further reflected, and inferior team will enter Be eliminated stage.

2017, if so, the industry will become much healthier and more interesting.

Electricity providers: demographic dividend disappeared, traffic costs increased, Taobao category split into opportunities

Gao Rong Capital Founding Partner Zhang Zhen:

Consumer demand from the point of view, consumer trends and consumer habits are an important driving force for the development of power industry.For example, fight a good lot of goods fight, Beibei set up not long, but they can achieve today's performance, in addition to founding The ability of the team, the trend of consumer upgrades is the basis for all this.In addition fresh areas, start-up companies if you can find some good models do not burn money or less money under the premise of the company's scale to do it, Overall, the trend of consumer upgrades will continue in the future for a long time to promote the electricity business innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Northern Lights Managing Director Jiang Haotian:

China's demographic dividend has disappeared, the cost of traffic in the rapid increase, which is the current electricity market is very grim situation, but overall, the electricity business industry is still there are four opportunities.

First, the flow of innovation opportunities, such as through small mobile payment to bring new traffic; through the fight group, community, content, network red and other innovative traffic flow; rely on the growth of the platform for new traffic or new students Brand opportunities.

Second, the Taobao large category spin-off opportunities. Taobao out of the first category of women said beauty, mushroom street, mother and baby out of the Beibei network, second-hand goods are also independent fish operations. To optimize the supplier and product quality and chain, to Taobao category under the sub-category users a better user experience and value, but also the opportunity to power providers.

Third, the business model innovation.For the electricity business, the conversion rate, the repurchase rate, the survival rate of turnover is the key to the core indicators, whether the business model can fundamentally improve these indicators is an opportunity point. The rapid rise of content providers and entrepreneurs is due to their significant improvement in conversion rates.

Fourth, the supply side of the opportunity for structural reorganization.For the electricity provider in this narrow field, is committed to changing the supply chain, such as droplets, Uber, or doing B2B, B2C mixed dishes network, if this can be successful, There will be a great opportunity.

Medical: the combination of 'policy', 'talent', 'the interests of the industry as a whole chain' to seek opportunities

Share Investment Management Partner Guan Tao:

Mobile medical field, many of the blind pursuit of outlet entrepreneurs and investors have been admitted.However, when this group of people to do a lot of attempts, but found that nowhere, and then a new company wants to do similar to try, it is difficult And then into the capital.

The larger the number of companies, although it can not be said to have been successful, but to get a more solid capital, with a certain accumulation of talent and experience precipitation, has become a relatively scarce investment targets for sustainable development to obtain a certain Of the leading edge.

However, the development of the industry as a whole, because there is no real disruptive enterprises, the original characteristics of the industry there is no major changes, so there is still hope that the follow-up of the new good start-up enterprises, but the entrepreneur's request to become more High.

I think the mobile medical industry still has some venture capital opportunities, such as improving the level of medical information 'tools', but this type of business in China is facing the challenge is that people pay for software and human services has always been very low. The second is the technological breakthrough of the 'subversion of the category' Third, the business model 'model subversion' .Because of the inherent differences in the Sino-US health care system in the business model of this area, China than the United States a chance to 'heterogeneous' Black Swan' .

But in this area to be successful, we must combine 'policy' (such as multi-point practice, telemedicine, classification of treatment, etc.), 'talent' (Internet talent and medical personnel combination, are indispensable) 'industry interests chain (A doctor who was the world's false propositions), to consider the existence of opportunities.

The current 'semi-successful' example is the severe vertical sector, since closed-loop can be done on its own. This is somewhat analogous to the fact that developing countries are more likely to have a whole industrial chain group than developed countries because of better quality control and flexibility .

Internet finance: to tap the huge market space

51 Credit Card Sun Haitao:

With the fall of regulatory policies, the Internet financial industry will complete the basic business segments and market positioning of combing, while the industry pattern will be basically settled, network-lending industry has been depressed market space will be greatly released, especially On the asset side.

First, because this area covers a wide range of user groups, by the end of June 2016, the central bank credit center credit records of the population is only 380 million people, and 1 billion people can not be covered by the bank's credit services. Second, the 1 billion user groups are also very fragmented, according to the city, age, income, occupation, amount, different requirements of the loan period, the financial services they need is a gap. Mining space is still huge.

And from 2016 the total turnover of the Internet loan industry breakthrough 2 trillion point of view, the transaction heat under the heavy hand in the continuous regulation is still higher, which means that the financial needs of the network side of the financial side is also continuing to rise.Can be expected, Net bonus market development is still in the next two to three years will continue to rise.

But from the 51 credit card's own experience, only to master the asset advantage and the strength of the platform to control the wind in the future competition in the market to seize the advantage, favored by the capital because you have the asset side, you can build low cost and high efficiency financial users And financial products, a complete industrial chain, control of financial risks, the rapid development of the industry will not be eliminated.

Entrepreneur, your 2017 ready?