Capital Hotels to acquire the remaining equity interest in Ctrip | Ctrip will become investors

Yesterday, the first hotel issued a series of announcements, announced to be the first group of eight other counterparties issued shares to buy Poly Victory 100% stake and 19.03% stake, such as hotel groups and raise matching funds .2016 April, the first hotel Home Inns Group, the privatization of the transaction has been completed delivery, the hotel will be the first hotel in the hands of these eight trading companies such as the remaining shares of the Group recovered.

According to the announcement, BTG holds a 100% stake in PolyVictory, a company registered in the British Virgin Islands, which does not have any other business activities than holding a stake in Home Inns Group, Inc. Ctrip Shanghai, Wise Kingdom, Shen Peng, Smart Master, Sun Jian, Peace Unity, Zong Xiangxin and other first group outside the other issued objects are held together, such as the 19.03% stake in the hotel group.

As the main asset of Poly Victory is a 14.83% equity interest in Home Inns Group, the hotel will acquire 33.86% of the Group's shares directly and indirectly after the completion of the transaction to purchase the assets.

In the acquisition plan announced by the hotel in December 2015, the transaction is divided into three major parts: cash purchase, issuance of shares to purchase assets and fund raising, etc. The first hotel is through the establishment of overseas subsidiaries to merge to the Home The hotel group non-major shareholders to pay cash consideration, access to 65.13% stake in the hotel group, such as home through the issuance of shares to buy the remaining shares at the same time to improve the efficiency of the restructuring to ease the follow-up of listed companies debt pressure, the hotel will raise funds Some analysts believe that this acquisition model will help reduce the Capital Hotel pressure.

After the completion of the transaction, Ctrip will become an important strategic investor in the first hotel brigade, said the hotel will be based on this and Ctrip to carry out a series of hotel services based on the line of all-round cooperation, the The transaction will help the two sides learn from each other, help the hotel to improve market competitiveness.