Ctrip hand in hand Merlin Entertainment | accelerate the internationalization of the ticket business

January 9, Ctrip and the world's second-largest theme entertainment company Merlin Entertainment Group in Shanghai Madame Tussauds Wax Museum signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will be in the system directly connected, innovative marketing, product diversification and other aspects of all-round Cooperation, to provide consumers with more choices and better service.

At the same time, Ctrip has also become the first overseas partner of Merlin Entertainment Group, the internationalization strategy to further speed up Ctrip tickets general manager Fang Hongfeng, Merlin Entertainment Group Asia Pacific Managing Director Putnam Shin, China General Manager Chen Jie Ms. Yang Shengjun, Director of China Channel Marketing attended the signing ceremony.

Ctrip holding hands Merlin Entertainment Group focused on creating the best online ticket booking process

It is reported that the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, including the Merlin Entertainment Group's Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing four major cities Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Ocean Discovery Center and Lego Exploration Center three major tourism and entertainment brand, Ctrip has become Merlin Entertainment Group in China's online travel market, the most important partners.

In 2016, Ctrip.com delivered hundreds of thousands of passengers to the Merlin Entertainment Group, making it one of the largest online ticketing partners in the world, giving full play to their respective strengths and cooperating with each other to achieve outstanding results.

The signing of the strategic agreement means that Merlin Entertainment Group and Ctrip to fully upgrade the two sides will focus on creating the best online ticket booking process to achieve the best of both ticketing system directly connected to the tourists easily tickets at the same time, Admission, eliminating the waiting time queuing for votes, and for consumers to create a more convenient payment process.

January 2017, the two sides will also open a new round of online and offline products under the integrated marketing campaign to increase the more innovative marketing efforts to try to further enrich the product content and enhance the user experience.

Fang Hongfeng, general manager of Ctrip tickets, said Merlin Entertainment Group, the new conference throughout the country Toussa, star wax will be unveiled and other major events will be carried out in close cooperation with Ctrip, Ctrip through a large membership system so that more users more easily At the same time, Madame Tussauds star fans activities, Ocean Discovery Center overnight, the cards, dinner and other more experience underwater products will also be sold on Ctrip.

Putnam Shin said that the cooperation between Merlin Entertainment Group and Ctrip, both in China and the world, has a huge space and broad prospects.With the continuous development of booking mobile depth, the online channel will be Merlin Entertainment Group to develop the tourism market focus Ctrip not only with Merlin Entertainment Group has a very high brand fit, but also has a strong one-stop tourism resources platform and the optimal resources of the tourism market, through the sincere cooperation, will give China Region, the Asia-Pacific region and the Merlin global venues of cooperation to bring greater market effect, increase the incremental and market share, to achieve the brand effect overlay.

The first overseas strategic cooperation to accelerate the internationalization of ticket business

It is noteworthy that, starting from 2017, Ctrip and Merlin reached the first overseas strategic cooperation, users simply log Ctrip, you can book a number of Merlin Entertainment Group's tourism products.Future, but also the development of more overseas local Play and peripheral products.

It is understood that Merlin is not only the British well-known local high-quality home entertainment attractions operating company, is the world's second largest tourist attractions operating company, which includes Lego theme park, Madame Tussauds, London Eye, Ocean Discovery Center, Gardaland and the London Dungeon, including nearly 20 high-quality attractions brand, the distribution of Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceania 4 continents 23 countries, annual visitors more than 60 million passengers.

Ctrip Travel Network co-founder, Executive Chairman Liang Jian Zhang said, 'internationalization is the future development of a new growth point, Ctrip hopes to be able to do the same, Become a service brand to go out of the vanguard, so that more visitors to experience the quality of Ctrip services Ctrip future will be more focused on the development of international and build more global partners.

Help Shanghai LEG Theme Park opened to expand the parent-child tourism market

Merlin revealed that Legoland theme park will be located in Qingpu, Shanghai, and recreate the welfare for Chinese children following the Shanghai Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World and the Shanghai Lego Exploration Center. Currently, Merlin Entertainment Group has 7 stores around the world Has opened and four upcoming Lego theme park, located in Denmark, Britain, the United States, Japan, Malaysia and other countries, also in the content of the regional characteristics.

Will be set up in Shanghai LEGO theme park, advocate hands-on, interactive, sharing the spirit of the concept of family education and entertainment in China very fit.Ctrip said it would fully support the Shanghai LEGO theme park work, with Merlin Group to its Playing a contain Chinese elements, the theme park very unique, so that more users enjoy Ctrip quality online booking service, but also to experience the Lego theme park to bring joy.