How do companies win at the start of innovation?

Nowadays, the trend of corporate innovation is all the rage, and some world-class leading companies have begun to cooperate with the venture to open up the scientific and technological innovation laboratory.Everyone wants to seize this wonderful opportunity to build an innovative and sensitive Enterprises, but because of some large companies in the management of the conventional bad habits and profitability and other concerns, the idea has been shelved again.

In addition, the down-to-earth attitude is indispensable.The following is the company on the road of innovation should be a must for the 10 to be a must for the company to innovate, Basic steps.

By following these steps, business innovation leaders will build their strategic vision with their keen insight and leverage innovation labs as business contributors and development leaders that are valuable to the company's growth.

External Laboratory Director

The first thing you need to do to make your lab run smoothly is to be a catalyst to turn ideas into reality. Unless you want your lab to go back to endlessly repeating your product design without getting the end result, Otherwise, external staff must be employed.

Recruit a different team

What are the advantages of a 100-year-old company in terms of hiring people? It's about trying to find out how best to recruit the best and the most promising people, and then you can focus on what those startups can not provide. For example, a newcomer may have the opportunity to influence the development of a multi - billion dollar ship in a large company, and receive significant salaries and bonuses to develop innovative strategies for the organization to maximize its capabilities.

Innovative assessment

Assessment is one of the key principles for the success of an innovation strategy.Through the assessment of the preparation of the innovation, the company can set the key benchmark to measure the future success of an innovative project impact, enabling companies to find the most suitable for innovation in the early part.

Establishment of the Innovation Committee

In addition to ensuring the day-to-day work of the team, you can also establish an innovation committee to keep up with the latest trends and ensure your execution rights. In addition, representatives of operations and strategy makers participate to ensure a smooth transition from innovation to products It is also worth mentioning that the company should give the committee more resources to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic burdens, thus speeding up the pace of progress.

And actively participate in industrial ecosystems

If you want to establish a company reputation in the whole industry ecosphere, you can take part in the activities outside the enterprise. Of the site more in-depth exchanges with them, learn from summed up valuable experience.

Create a common language

An innovation team may have developed an application, but the program is still in the experimental stage, but the other side, the executive team, may have a problem with the team, These initial products are often mistaken for the final product, because they seem to run well, so only through continuous testing, the team can ensure that the creation of a common language to reduce similar misunderstandings.

To establish a repeatable process

The big companies rely on repeatable processes to keep the company running, and the Innovation Center is no exception. Just as great artists rely on the creation process to complete work one after another, the innovation needs process is also the case.In order to avoid short-term innovation projects, the company must establish R & Process, and based on this, for the future of the final products and services to provide financial protection.

Dare to introduce not perfect product

Innovation is to continue to experiment, through the analysis of customer feedback, with data to speak. A group of even the world's most intelligent people locked in a small house inside the research and development is also unable to catch the user consumer psychology.Through the development of minimum feasible products (MVPs) Labs can test product quality and collect user feedback in real-time, allowing them to further optimize and improve the product. "MVPs, while providing minimal basic functionality, address the real concerns of the customer and, in addition, Project costs and risks.


Ideas are everywhere, and you can suddenly grab a gold idea from customers, channel partners, executives, and employees. One of the most important parts of an innovation strategy is the need for a plan to evaluate ideas and build prototypes. Creativity is not timely recognition, you may lose the success of the launch of a product to detonate the market opportunities.

Focusing on the innovation agenda

You may have found a way to treat cancer, but if you do not tell people how it works, then what is the use? No one will continue to support you, so when the enterprise internal And the outside are all talking about the benefits of innovation, your innovation lab must evaluate the success of the project through shared metrics, provide feedback on the idea in a timely fashion, and focus on how ideas are combined with business goals.

If an organization wants to launch successful innovation projects, early planning and preparation is critical, and the ability to execute and adapt is the key to success. Build your team and conduct the necessary training, and then try to commercialize the idea for the company to win pots bowl full of it!