Chopsticks play thinking won 0331 VC and other VC millions of angel round of financing

January 9, chopsticks play thinking announced the completion of millions of dollars round of financing, investors, including 0331 Ventures, including a number of funds, it is understood that the chopsticks play thinking round the introduction of all investors for industrial capital.

Angel round of financing is completed, chopsticks play thinking positioning will be the original 'focus and deepen the chain of catering industry in-depth coverage of the media' into 'catering innovation and cross-border integration of mining cases as the main line of industrial media' Catering industry chain of a market segment of the generous strategic layout.

According to the founder of Su Peng, this round of financing is mainly used for the expansion of operations, editing and business team to comprehensively strengthen the level of topic planning, continuing to enhance the quality of the original content of the original head mass production and distribution capabilities in the catering industry establish 'chopsticks In addition, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an and other cities in addition to the Beijing headquarters in succession to complete the sub-cities, such as sub-sub- The company layout, the completion of the depth of the business model before the foreshadowing of the expected chopsticks play thinking in 2017 to achieve a comprehensive scale of profitability.

Public information, 0331 Venture Capital focus on investment and upgrading areas, is a venture in 2016 popped a dark horse, investing in more than 40 projects, more than 90% achieved good results 0331 venture is Xue Manzi 'very interesting' The Fund's founding partner, and Xue Manzi in the field of angel investment to maintain close cooperation. 0331 venture capital investment in some cases have Aberdeen pot, Taiwan-flavored take-away, the new good convenience stores, natural workshops, public interest media, R2game and so on. The highest valuation of the project growth of over 200 times the number of over 50 times growth, two listed three new board.

Speaking of why the final choice 0331 Venture Capital and other catering industry fund, chopsticks play thinking founder Su Peng said that since last May 23 on-line announced the completion of the seed round of financing, has been VC and chopsticks play thinking angel round of financing , But after an objective analysis and calm thinking, we believe that: the relatively early stage of this round of the angel, the introduction of the capital of the food industry can undoubtedly accelerate the chopsticks play thinking project to promote and speed up the early stage of entrepreneurship, The second round of angel investors are all in the business level and chopsticks play a high degree of coordination thinking, we can say, with the financing, chopsticks play thinking to introduce the next boost to the development of massive mass of external strategic resources.

Su Peng, chopsticks to play thinking Founder & CEO, 80, with more than 7 years of rich media, brand and successful continuous entrepreneurial experience, Jingdong Zhongchuang Academy Phase II students chopsticks play thinking only in the 12 million valuation phase completed Seed round of financing, May 23, 2016 formally launched operations, the rapid media industry to a dark horse posture in the industry field of vision, in September 2016, planning the "five asked Huang Taiji" Catering to the circle of friends, triggering the entire catering industry and venture capital circles and even Tai Tai Wong Internet cafes big discussion.

The current chopsticks play a single article thinking the whole network distribution average PV stable at 10 million or more, the cumulative radiation catering industry chain practitioners on the downstream millions.

'Our angel round + financing has also been in the rhythm of the advance in 2017, full-depth landing and deepen the layout of the media products, based on chopsticks to play thinking media platform will split and disassemble a series of subsidiaries and the corresponding business, these The subsidiaries are both independent and fully synergistic, we have initially built a business model based on the restaurant chain closed loop. 'Founder Su Peng further said.