Medical waste is processed into tableware toys who have

Baina us Nanjing xixia police station over a 3-month detected the first cases of medical waste pollution in Nanjing and captured 3 suspects, 1 of whom was arrested 2 were released on bail pending trial. It is reported that they recovered from the hospital transfusion pipes and Infusion bags reusable medical waste processing into disposable tableware or toys for profit.

In this case, police actually verified the suspect buying and reselling: more than 3,000 tons of medical waste, up to more than 40 million Yuan worth of money involved. At a salvage station was found in a large number of medical infusion tube, infusion and transfusion bottles open medical waste piled up on the ground, and mixed in with other garbage, Infusion bags there are needles.

Medical waste country expressly provides that hazardous waste, improper handling will pollute the environment, and may even be infectious diseases. For the treatment of medical waste in China has very strict and clear rules, people's Republic of China enacted a law on prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste laws such as the regulations on the management of medical waste medical waste management and treatment. The provisions enacted by the Government for, professional medical organizations are aware of. But now this mess, once again shows the lack of market morality and order regulatory weakness.

Driven by interests, hospitals ignore State regulations, contrary to professional ethics, as ' toxic tableware toys provide raw materials; Under the temptation of money, criminals will carry germs or potentially unsafe ' materials ', tableware made from or toys, make fun of people's life and health and safety. For the money, paralysis of his own conscience, which is both environment and has caused great harm to people's health. Meanwhile, government regulators lack of supervision, lack of medical and health institutions and medical waste disposal unit carried out supervision and inspection, contributes to hospitals, arrogance, and poor, ' toxic tableware toys ' market run amok.

Example, to deter; Strict law enforcement, to put an end to this phenomenon repeating itself. Increase the intensity of combat, and strengthening market supervision, standardizing medical waste disposal system to make garbage waste ' treasure '.