No power can brush | Nubian miniS bus card closed beta experience

Nowadays, mobile phones are not the communication tools used to make phone calls and send text messages. With the rising demand for mobile phone functions, the integration of mobile phones has become more and more high.In the second and third tier cities, A mobile phone is enough, it can call the car, can swipe, can buy movie tickets, let us travel without having to carry more cumbersome.Mobile phone card recently began to sweep all the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, just my hands Nubian mini S opened This feature of the closed beta, I was fortunate enough to get the closed beta of the opportunity to say that I am a few days of experience.

First of all need to note is that in the use of Nubian mini S bus card function, I have not tried to use the phone when the bus card.There are two main reasons.First, I have seen someone in the subway with a mobile phone credit card, Brush a lot of times did not succeed, and then embarrassed to go next to the phone set up the second is that before a student card, doing bus time to double the normal card discount, but now that card has been set aside, so Now do not consider.

In addition, due to participate in closed beta activities can be free card fees, and the first recharge of $ 10 donated $ 20 activities, just me Neice users, also simply opened the card, intended to try it, after all, is a sure win Of the sale.


The current Nubian public transport card function is still in the beta stage, so only support Beijing and Shenzhen card, and only support the Nubian mini S this model, more areas and models will inevitably increase in the latter part of As the card is through the phone's NFC function, it stands to reason that all support NFC Nubian phone should be able to get the upgrade, so the handheld Nubian Z9 / Z11 users do not have to worry about.

Initially I thought that the bus card and Apple pay open the same card, the physical card virtualization and then into the phone which is not the case, it is to open a virtual card, which exists independently in the phone which will produce a problem, The bus card can not be tied to your own student card, so you can not enjoy the student discount.As the student card does not discount the subway, so alone in the subway ride is also a good choice.

Open the card is very simple, the software itself to download and install the security plug-in is complete, you only need to provide a mobile phone number, and confirm the verification code will be able to open successfully, and then recharge the amount can be used.Optional provides four recharge Stalls, respectively, 10 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan, 200 yuan, can not enter a specific amount of mobile phone recharge, recharge the way there are two, one for the bank card payment, and the other for Alipay to pay.

In the process of recharging the emergence of a small accident.When I use Alipay to complete the payment, the bus card interface shows recharge failed.However, when I try again after the software automatically reloaded a bit security plug-in, before the recharge money It will be displayed normally.This may be some of the closed beta phase of the small BUG, ​​probably the official version will be repaired.

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As I commute to work on the road just enough to sit on the subway, so in the experience of the process I only tried to swipe in the subway station, in fact, the bus is also used the same reason, so temporarily not discussed.

The first use, it is inevitable to find the location of the NFC, otherwise it is very easy to cause the kind of phenomenon I said above.I first used because I forgot to check in advance Nubian mini S NFC location, Resulting in the entrance of the credit card to try a half minutes to get in. Fortunately, behind me, not many people, or just enough to kill me eyes, so we must pay attention to this point.

Nubian mini S NFC module in the middle of the fuselage on the left side of the middle position, that is, the location of the red circle marked below.Therefore, the ideal card position is the phone screen to the card reader sensor area.But according to my Practice results, in fact, need not be so rigid. In the card, I just need to touch the upper left corner of the phone gently touch the card machine induction zone just fine. Obviously this way more natural chic card it ~ and if the screen attached to the sensor area, the phone posted the film Fortunately, if the film is not easy to hurt the screen, more harm than good.

▲ Nubian mini S NFC module location

Most of the time, when you touch the card to the phone card sensor area of ​​the moment, it has been completed credit card. There will be no case of minimal reaction, this time do not panic, you have to repeat it again, and the phone stick to the sensor area to maintain 1 second. So far I took the Nubian mini S in the subway station with 8, 9 times, and only appeared once insensitive phenomenon, but not too much.

It is worth mentioning that the Nubian mini S not only do not need to enter the card interface can be swiped card, but also in the case of shutdown and no electricity can swipe, which allows users to save a big worry. Of course, mainly due to NFC short-range high-frequency wireless communications technology, it is by non-contact reader through the RF signal to the induced voltage to the sub-line, and can not take the bus or subway home, very user- Power supply, that is, we often say that the credit card machine.

Experience Summary

After a few days of experience, I found that I really can not do without a little bit of this feature.Although I currently have a trace of its reliability doubt, but it's convenient to make it difficult to abandon it. The advantage is that you can use mobile phone recharge, no need to subway station long queues, followed by even the closed beta version did not appear in my opinion, this card will certainly replace the physical card in the future, one can save open Card costs.Also in travel or travel, you can also use the phone to open the local card, save a lot of trouble.Although this can only be within the scope of its software support, but with the perfect function, I believe Nubia Of the bus card will support the use of more areas.