Meizu made Flyme 6: human brain thinking of the high value system

2017 CES show, smart phone innovation is still the highlight of the show, artificial intelligence, voice input, machine learning have attracted attention, technology advances for intelligent mobile phones and human interaction more intuitive. In line with the way the human brain, and truly understand the needs of users, understand the user's operating habits.

At the end of November last year, the late Flyme 6 finally to meet you, the current version of the first version of Flyme 6 system has been officially pushed, as lasted more than 430 days of the annual version of the iteration, Flyme 6 new UI interface and the new interaction is indeed people A bright, and the conference in the main push of the artificial intelligence One Mind for us to demonstrate what is the 'human brain thinking' mobile phone system, the first time we use the hands of the PRO 6s on the freshly baked Flyme 6 system, 'The only difference is that everywhere is different' This copy also happens to describe the image of Flyme 6 this change.

How to define the high color value: 'simple' aesthetic taste

Everyone in the definition of 'good' are not the same, but visually gives the feeling of comfort and pleasure, to please the human eye is to meet people's aesthetic needs of the basic principles in many third-party custom ROM, But the author is more focused on the Meizu Flyme, 'simple and clean' is his most obvious feature, because the simplicity, it is easier for people to get the eye comfortable ( And upgrade to Flyme 6, although the overall style with the previous generation system has been no small change, but the Meizu's simple aesthetic is still 'authentic'.

Flyme 6 design Although still not escape the imitation of the fate of iOS, but the characteristics of Meizu or a large degree of retained. After re-color design of the icon, still maintain the original 'fresh' line, gradient color icon design So that the screen looks very 'texture'.

On the other hand in the font Flyme 6 also made in line with the user mode of change.Human brain for electronic reading reflects the clear text content, Flyme 6 all fonts 'bold deepening' to make important information more eye-catching, Although a small part of the user Tucao not adapt, but after reading bold text, font and background color difference will make the human eye recognition more quickly, more intuitive reading experience.Compared to the previous slim style, which has focused A sense of the font design actually Flyme 6 more mature.

Depth to the application interface, the content of the structure to T-shaped presentation, horizontal sliding category switching, to some extent take care of the single-handed operation, the page layout and text rendering is very uniform, in visual and interactive are in line with our habits .

Flyme 6 effect also gives the author a deep impression, Meizu called ActionView moving system.With the weather application, for example, to support the classic dynamic weather background, there will be a hazy haze, sunny there will be sunshine, It is worth mentioning that, in the case of adding a variety of animation Flyme 6 is still maintained a high degree of fluency, silky as Dove is not a gimmick.

Music application is also the case, in addition to showing high-quality album cover, the main background and playback controls the color will change with the color of the album cover, to achieve visual unity. Total 200 new dynamic, almost all interface Feedback has a different animation show, the senses immediately live together.

Flyme 6 color choice is very pleasing to the eye, biased in bright and high saturation of color, with elegant background, the perfect interpretation of what is consistent with the human eye aesthetic system of high color value.

With the 'brain thinking' of the smart phone: continue to learn, like you think

What is the intelligence of the smart phone is the mobile phone like a human assistant can solve the problem for human beings, like you think, as if with the 'brain thinking' consumers to buy smart phones is also the driving force behind the latest intelligence Mobile phone use the most innovative and intelligent features, but many domestic mobile phone system due to the analysis of consumer demand is not in place, so that the system 'more than functional, lack of intelligence.' Flyme 6 seems to try to avoid this, so in this The biggest breakthrough in the upgrade is the first integration of the intelligent thinking engine One Mind, that is, artificial intelligence.

From the author's operating experience point of view, Flyme 6 artificial intelligence system can intelligently identify the application scenarios, and targeted to predict demand, optimize the deployment of resources to ensure the smooth operation of the task which is the most common for our daily life scenes, Open, including the game mode, self-healing, process harvest, lightning start and other new features.

In the game mode, for example, when the user in the open game mode, in this mode, will take the lead in ensuring the game's memory resource allocation to make it run more smoothly, while shielding is not important floating notification, ban gestures and mBack to prevent accidental touch, And for the network game to provide a certain network protection, to get a better gaming experience.The author tried the "royal war" this game, the deployment will not procrastinate, no longer have to worry about external factors interfere with the game.

More importantly, as users continue to use, One Mind will gradually learn the habits of users, combined with cloud services strategy, users can make a certain behavior before the forecast, and then advance the resource scheduling, so that the application of seconds Open, switch smoothly, so that the more the better use of mobile phones.

Flyme 6 of the artificial intelligence is also deep into some small details, such as the notification notification notification column, the system will automatically identify the importance of the application push notification, the important information push placed in the forefront, such as WeChat, nails such instant messaging software Push, and the importance of the lower push, such as advertising, then directly transferred to the notification box on the upper right of the box, so as to minimize the disturbance to the user to the user 'thinking way' to solve user needs, Is the core part of One Mind.

Flyme 6 One Mind performance is gratifying, for the smart phone, the next step is also concentrated in the direction of artificial intelligence .Although the major mobile phone manufacturers in the AI ​​on the hunt, but are still in the small test chopper Stage, the future development of the hardware point of innovation, there is an extension of vertical application services, more focused on 'human brain thinking' on.

Designed for human use: Simpler and more efficient

In the process of using the phone, the operating experience is the author of the mobile phone requirements of a large standard. People in the habit of one-hand sliding operation, press the home button like a 'feedback', used to slide from left to right instead of from the , These are the smart phone in the set system operation need to take into account the design elements in line with human habits of operation design, will be more simple and more efficient, which is the author in the experience Flyme 6 found another bright spot.

Flyme 6 on the multi-tasking interface to re-create the original vertical stacked pages into a horizontal stack of pages, and support the lower edge of the slide and the right edge of the two out of the way out, to meet the different needs of the user's operating habits. Do not emphasize that, down a single task interface, there will be locked, fuzzy and split-screen control options which fuzzy option is very commendable for individual sensitive applications, such as text messages, notes, contacts and Alipay, etc., can Choose to blur the information of its task page, some financial applications Flyme 6 will automatically add fuzzy according to their privacy attributes, personal privacy has been fully protected.

Another action to protect privacy is Flyme 6 new parallel space, guest mode and privacy mode seems to open a different from the main mode of the 'new world', but their differences do not affect the fingerprint and password to become their world Of the 'pass', cleverly resolved by some of the embarrassment of the scene by phone.

Compared to other ROM separate establishment of privacy space entrance 'here no silver' approach, parallel space design is obviously more elegant, allowing users to have a variety of privacy protection options, experience, we also found that because the visitor mode is equivalent to the newly opened A piece of system space, so there is some delay in the start, there are follow-up optimization space.

In addition to privacy issues, we are also concerned about the safety of mobile phones. Flyme 6 upgrade in security is not to be underestimated, the financial payment applications can automatically identify systems, instant security protection, take control of other application rights, prohibit third parties The application reads the short note verification code and so on the measure.Web page also is so, the intelligence discerns the website situation, and makes certain identification in the top.

As a powerful logical thinking system, Flyme 6 there are many full of 'wisdom' of the small features worth sharing, such as children's mode, intelligent input method, the time machine, not one one started.

to sum up: Human thinking is very powerful, when the smart phone system also began to use the human brain thinking to solve the problem for the user, is the beginning of the real intelligence era.Flyme in the domestic intelligent machine system has been able to occupy the leading position is not without reason , From the author to contact the first Meizu mobile MX3, when the phone or Flyme 3 system, 'simple', 'beautiful', 'elegant' design from the human eye to bring people a very comfortable feeling. But the Flyme 3 at that time in the functional aspects of some weak (such as quick not to retrieve the contact function, etc.), and some features hidden too deep, the user learning cost is high, like a beautiful little bull and have to spend Some time to control.

Flyme 4 from the beginning, it gradually began to think, Flyme system in functionality, operation convenience has been very big change. Development to the present, nowadays interesting and useful features Flyme 6 everything.

Whether it is a new UI design, or new features to join, Flyme 6 are working to create a line with the human eye aesthetic, human brain logic, manual operation habits of the 'human' system.That I could not help but think of a few years ago millet Has a reward of millions of collection wallpaper, then Flyme alone built-in wallpaper on the MIUI and then opened the grade, so a million wallpaper is very embarrassing, I want to win the key is Flyme will be simple as a basic aesthetic, Of the visual comfort is more likely to be favored.

In the field of intelligent, the depth of mobile phone system to learn to help smart phone users to understand the behavior and improve the use of experience, we will even see the smart phone session set off a 'Renaissance', in fact, In the future, the use of human brain logic thinking to carry out the design of mobile phone systems will also be a new trend, smart phones only really want the user to think, before they can think of it. Is the real intelligence.