Measured MIIX 5 Pro: 7-generation Core brings not only performance but also ...

Since the birth of MIIX products, has gone through three years in the past three years, MIIX series of products from the appearance to the hardware configuration are constantly upgrading, through its own hard power to recruit a large number of MIIX powder, which is Lenovo has been MIIX series of products to develop one of the reasons.With the release of Intel's seventh-generation Core Duo processor, Lenovo MIIX will bring the latest products, and that is today's protagonist - MIIX 5 Pro.

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Last month, we tested MIIX 5, and this time the MIIX 5 Pro was updated in addition to the hardware configuration, with some changes to the product details that will not only follow the current trend , And indeed also played a substantive role, more in line with the actual needs of users.Then Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro veil, which opened it.

■ Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro: let you love at first sight

The MIIX 5 Pro continues the MIIX family of 2-in-1 traits, and the MIIX 5 Pro continues to evolve as the MIIX 5 Pro continues to evolve as the demand for products continues to grow for business people. , While maintaining a workmanship in the first-class level, from the beginning of the composite material to the present all-metal material, MIIX series of products are constantly changing 'hard', in addition to better protect the fuselage, the heat also made The contribution.

Champagne gold, Tuhaojin color in nearly a year's time quickly became popular, the golden noble temperament put the product to a new height, the value of the level of color in the importance of the market now is self-evident. Matte texture of the body feel better, and can be a good way to avoid fingerprints and other issues, even if accidentally contaminated stains, gently wipe the water can be resolved.

Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro uses a 12.2-inch 3: 2 IPS display, which is similar to previous generations of products, but the resolution has been upgraded to 2880 × 1920, in addition to have a great color performance, it is in the image The performance is also more delicate. 400 nits brightness so you do not have to worry about Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro display, while the high hardness of the glass screen fear scratches, for support 10 point touch and stylus MIIX 5 Pro Is a strong support.

Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro has a dual front and rear camera, front 1 million pixel infrared camera, rear 5 million auto-focus camera, can assist in video conferencing and camera use.

Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro in both the thickness of the fuselage or the weight of the whole, have a very good performance, from the above figure in the contrast and data, we can see this intuitively.Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro not only has excellent Industrial design, while the weight of the machine to do a good job is also quite good, very consistent with the needs of commercial mobile office.

■ Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro: details determine success or failure

The emergence of the hinge can be said that Lenovo is another product series logo, it is not only practical, first seen when people bring a strong visual impact.Menu MIIX 5 Pro can be the hinge of the non-polar adjustment, which means that you can in any of your Like the angle of it to stay live, this can be considered in the design of the popular two-in-one equipment for a shock.

In order to meet the actual needs of modern consumers, Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro also made some adjustments in the interface, Type-C interface is one of the introduction, it also replaced the emergence of the traditional power outlet, and this part of the region Replace the USB interface, so that users can significantly improve the efficiency of the general thin and light products in the interface area is always cut and then cut, and Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro is very user-friendly in this area has chosen to increase, the perfect solution USB interface is not enough to use the problem.

Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro fuselage in the back, we also see a Micro SD card slot, it also greatly facilitates the emergence of the user, it can be said in the design of MIIX series of Lenovo products really consider all aspects of very detailed.

Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro this kind of 2 in 1 products in addition to the product itself to do well, its accessories that is the performance of the keyboard may have a huge impact on the whole product.Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro keyboard back with a seemingly Very similar to the material made of leather, it is very grade, 1.5mm key process although not comparable with the mechanical keyboard, but its performance is not inferior to any one thin and light notebook products, or even better than them. 5 Pro integrated touchpad is very accurate, easy to use, and has a keypad that can be pushed up to create an angle that makes it easier for users to type.

There is also an accessory we have to say, that is its stylus, it has a 4096 level of pressure, which is the market's top level stylus, and it allows users to be very lively in the MIIX 5 Pro above Feel the real feeling of the brushwork, but also with Lenovo's music notes, it is possible to record anytime, anywhere around things, no longer hit the keyboard, but easy to write painting. Some of the operation, allowing users to more at ease when the office.

■ Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro: screen and backlit keyboard display

The display lights up the basic display

Screen lighting Basic display is not a test on the color performance of the screen, but in order to show consumers the basic situation of the notebook screen lit. By the environment, the screen brightness, background pictures, engineering and camera models and other factors Effect, the display screen effect may be slightly different from the actual situation, so this presentation is for reference only!

Keyboard backlight display

■ Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro: thermal performance of full display

Extreme heat dissipation test

We use Furmark pager software on the Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro limit test, Furmark will be the two parts of the whole heat CPU and graphics card all running up and running 60 minutes after the temperature will rise to an extreme height, in order to allow everyone to more Intuitive to see each machine in the run-time cooling, we also use the FLUKE infrared thermal imager, respectively, observed the temperature of each location temperature.

Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro cooling window on the top of the fuselage, and some products simply give up the same type of cooling windows, and the overall body cooling method, so only for power is not high Core M processor, and Using the Intel seventh-generation Core Duo processor, so the choice of the fan is more secure.

In the state of extreme pager, Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro front panel maximum temperature of 46.7 ℃, in the fuselage below, which is part of the overlap with the keyboard, cooling window near the temperature of 45.3 ℃, the rest of the vast majority of temperature control Mainly in the normal use of the state, the temperature of the Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro will be below 35 ℃, even in flat mode, the user will not have any trouble.

Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro fuselage maximum temperature of 44.8 ℃, the rest is not part of the temperature control performance is still very good, metal body to Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro in the heat better.

● PCMark 8 (Home-OpenCL) life test

PCMark 8 is for Windows system performance benchmark test software, home (Home) test is one of the test mode (a total of 5), mainly to simulate the use of ordinary users of the environment, the test project covers web browsing, document processing, Video chat and light-load games, etc., and includes OpenCL acceleration and traditional two test mode. The actual use of time than the test time is longer, after all, few people can work continuously at full capacity.

■ Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro: performance side performance outstanding

In front of Xiaobian also mentioned before we MIIX 5 evaluation, and this is the MIIX 5 Pro, a friend would ask, this plus a Pro What is the difference? The first is very important point is MIIX 5 Pro uses Intel's seventh-generation Core Duo processor, but some people have to ask, seven generations of Core Duo did not seem a lot of powerful six-generation look like?

So now Xiaobian to help you to understand seven generations of Core Duo, this generation of processors, although still 14nm stage, but using the Kaby Lake Architecture of it, only in power of performance Shang above will than previous generation upgrade 20%. In terms of performance, seven generations of core compared to the previous generation in the frequency above has been significantly improved, which means it will have more powerful performance, according to the test it than the six-generation Core Performance 12%. GPU is to enhance the eDRAM four cache configuration, such as the highest performance version can be integrated 256MB of eDRAM four cache, and the existing sixth-generation core can only be up to 128MB. Seven generations of Core compared to the previous generation in all aspects of upgrading quite considerable.

● Product configuration and running data table

Product Configuration
Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro
Intel Core i5-7200U clocked at 2.5GHz
8GB DDR4 2400MHz
Graphics card
Intel HD Graphics 620
12.2-inch IPS 10-point touch screen 2880 × 1920
hard disk
/ RTI & gt;
Weight: 0.774kg Travel weight: 1.346kg
Pre-installed system
Windows 10 Home Edition
New unknown
Performance Testing
The default setting (the higher the score, the stronger the performance)
Cinebench R15
127cb / 326cb
7146 (Cloud Gate)
PCMark 8

■ PConline evaluation room summary

Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro thinner than traditional products have a thin body, and as 2 in 1 products, it also has more ways to use, both to meet the different needs of contemporary people, but also allows Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro Golden color to the Lenovo MIIX 5 Pro looks more atmospheric, noble, and the seventh generation Core Duo processor choice makes it more powerful, easy to deal with the daily office needs, while the details of the changes Lenovo can also be seen to the concept of user-oriented.