The use of disposable chopsticks on the human body which harm

Disposable chopsticks on the human body hazards:

1, bacterial infection
After disinfection of disposable chopsticks shelf life of up to only 4 months, once the shelf life is likely to bring E. coli, yellow grape and hepatitis disease;

2, produce 'greenhouse effect'
Disposable chopsticks are likely to produce 'greenhouse effect', due to the relationship between vicious circle, the tree will make less carbon dioxide increased, the atmosphere will be thicker, difficult to disperse the heat will produce 'greenhouse effect'.

3, damage respiratory function
Disposable chopsticks in the production process must be sulfur fumigation, so in the process of using the heat will release sulfur and erosion of the respiratory mucosa;

4, damage digestion
Disposable chopsticks in the production process will use hydrogen peroxide bleaching, hydrogen peroxide has a very strong corrosive to the mouth and esophagus or even gastrointestinal corrosion;

5, carcinogenic
Experts point out that expired disposable chopsticks contain carcinogenic aflatoxin, has a high carcinogenic risk, can induce the occurrence of liver cancer. Do not underestimate this small disposable chopsticks, in fact, there is a shelf-life, after a shelf life on the Will become dangerous goods.

Such a disposable chopstick can not be used

Surface spots
If you use this moldy chopsticks, may cause a variety of disease risk, if prolonged use, will increase the risk of cancer.

Smell sour
If you smell a pungent sour, there may be the smell of sulfur.

Chopsticks white or yellow when heated
In order to make chopsticks look cleaner, many holiday will be treated with sulfur or hydrogen peroxide chopsticks.

Chopsticks too fine or two separate
If the chopsticks are thin and easy to break, then you have to be careful, they are likely to be secondary use of chopsticks.