Slim fine, advancing with the times, on-demand and moving: Acer Swift5 comprehensive evaluation


Acer Acer will proudly tell you - 9.98 mm.

Prior to this, the world's thinnest notebook is HP's Specter 13, the thickness of 10.04 mm, Acer hummingbird Swift 7's appearance, breaking its thinnest record.

For today's notebook manufacturers, the thin has become the capital to show off, not only demonstrates their own technology leader, but also an excellent branding, can be described as double benefit; However, for a larger number of users, the thin is not important, Light is the crucial point, because both travel to carry, or daily use, a slight thickness difference does not affect the user experience.

Although this sent to test PChome Swift 5 is not as thin Swift 7, but as Acer flagship series of new products, its thickness is only 14.58mm, light only 1.36kg.Acer hummingbird Swift 5 and narrow frame design, The 14-inch IPS Panel Full HD screen into the 13-inch body, with a large screen and ultra-light portable two features. So in addition to thin, Acer Swift 5 what shocked us? We then look down.

Hardware Configuration

Hardware configuration, the hand of the Swift 5 equipped with Intel's seventh-generation processor - Core i7-7500U; memory to 8GB, hard drive with 480GB SSD, graphics card for the Intel HD 620 core graphics; can be said to read and write from the file System operation, to the revision of the game, can give users a superior user experience.


Hummingbird Swift 5 total dark Yao and pearl white two-color all-metal body, the cover is stamped with metal design, the keyboard surface and the touchpad with a diamond-cut edge design, adding exquisite texture this time to PChome hands Deep Yao black, all-metal body with aluminum, all the cool black body, A side of the slim strip makes the body is full of three-dimensional, smooth feel is also very comfortable feel.

We can see, Swift 5 of the B surface using the current very popular narrow frame design, 13-inch body is equipped with a 14-inch mirror IPS screen, under the reflection of light, it is particularly fashionable. FULL HD 1080 lower left side of the label appears to be full impact, comparable to the effect of large-screen TV.

The new Acer Swift 5 is still the top of the camera on the screen, so consistent with the daily use of ordinary users, for conference calls, video chat and other applications are very comfortable.

Swift 5 uses a 83-key layout of the island-style keyboard, although limited by the size of the machine, the keycap layout can not be very abundant, but the actual use or can feel the spatial distribution is still at ease, the experience is not bad. Especially with the keycap type skin treatment, as well as the key feedback intensity tend to crisp, so feel even further.Integral key process moderate, long time codewords will not seem too tired.In addition, the keyboard also joined the 2 Adjustable backlight, ambient light dimmed, the backlit keyboard can continue to work without environmental impact.

Careful friends may find that the upper left corner of the touchpad has a small rectangle black box raised, this is the Swift 5 new fingerprint recognition system, not only increased the security performance, but also makes the boot speed has been further improved .

C surface of the upper left corner, said 'DOLBY AUDIO', yes, this is Acer latest technology - TruHarmony Harmony and Dolby Audio Dolby Audio, it will give users a higher clear voice and sound effects.

Interface and development

In the interface, Swift 5 to meet the expansion needs of users, the following look at the specific interface configuration:

From the figure we can visually see Swift5 interface is mainly distributed in the left and right sides of the fuselage, the right side includes a Type-C interface, USB 3.0 interface, HDMI interface, security lock port and power connector, there is a left USB 3.0 interface, audio interface and SD card slot, the overall scalability is also good, to meet the needs of users.

Performance Testing

The test Swift5 using the 7th generation i7 processor; memory for the 8GB, solid-state hard drive for the 480GB SSD. Graphics card was HD 620, can be said to read and write from the file system to run, to repair the game, can give the user Bring extraordinary user experience.

▲ machine configuration

The machine is equipped with Intel Core i7-7500U processor, based on 14nm process technology, the core code-named Kaby Lake, using 2-core 4 thread design, initial frequency of 2.70GHz, shared L3 cache 4MB, the standard TDP is 15W .

▲ processor basic information

▲ processor performance test

We use CINEBENCH R15 on the performance of this processor has been tested, the single-core score of 146 points, dual-core score of 320 points, the overall performance is excellent, it should be said that the current mainstream applications can provide a variety of computing performance .

▲ solid-state hard drive performance test

Solid-state hard drive to enhance the experience for all to see, Swift5 equipped with a 480GB solid-state hard drive, AS SSD Benchmark test can be seen, it's solid-state hard drive read and write capacity is still quite good.

Next we also used PCMark 8 to evaluate the overall performance of the product, the test project for the Home, Creative, Work three projects, which includes Web browsing, word processing, image processing, video processing and other aspects, close to the user Of the actual application model.

Home mode final score: 3820 points

Creative mode final score: 4707 points

Work mode final score: 4806 points

From the results of view, Swift5 should meet the daily office application requirements is no problem.

End Yan

Overall, the new Acer Swift5 whether design, or hardware configuration are in full compliance with the needs of today's mainstream users, adequate interface, powerful hardware, award-winning appearance of the machine in today's thin and light this market is particularly prominent, if you Recently there are replacement needs, and just want to buy a light of this, then the new Swift5 is definitely one of the best purchase options.