Xeon E3 with Quadro alone significantly: ThinkPad P50 mobile workstation evaluation


As the brand accumulated the most profound PC brand, ThinkPad the past two years had a lot of innovative products, such as ultra-thin ThinkPad X1 Carbon and W series mobile workstations.Today's main character ThinkPad P50 is ThinkPad's new mobile workstation products, its Using the Intel mobile Xeon processor and NVIDIA's latest Quadro M2000M professional alone was today, PChome will bring you a detailed evaluation of the P50, we will wait and see.

P50 control part of the more attractive to the eye, the keys were slightly concave arc, the bottom edge is very mellow, feel like a hard plastic so blunt, very moist, key process and resilience are more comfortable, this need their own experience Is not our description.In addition to the keyboard, the P50 uses a new six-button touchpad - Trackpoint + independent three-key with the bottom of the independent three-button operation feel is to force, with the classic red dot design, do not leave the keyboard area You can achieve most of the mouse operation.

Hardware configuration, P50 processor uses a 4-core Intel Xeon E3-1505M v5, clocked at 3.4GHz, graphics card for the professional-level NVIDIA Quadro M2000M. Memory uses two 8GB DDR4-2133 ECC, a total of 16GB. SSD solid state plus 1TB mechanical hard drive can be configured is very Guards.


Speaking of business professionals, everyone's first reaction is certainly ThinkPad, ThinkPad ID design continues so far very recognizable.As we today in the hands of the P50, the first glance in the past we know that the square is the notebook ThinkPad, we can feel the design revealed under the professional atmosphere, then the momentum put enough, then this mobile workstation hard power in the end how?

In appearance, ThinkPad P50 and most of the ThinkPad products and not too different, all black carbon fiber body, the fuselage top left corner and lower right corner, respectively, 'ThinkPad' and 'Lenovo' brand identity, but this generation Of the 'Lenovo' logo surprisingly small, see Lenovo intentionally dilute the 'Lenovo' brand.

P50 in the C surface by adding a fingerprint identification, the use of the traditional program is not wipe the fingerprint identification, but the same as the iPhone and easy to press the fingerprint recognition.To the studio, in order to protect the design original is not stolen, security ThinkPad's flagship to the P50 professional security guarantee, and press-fingerprint recognition to join to reduce the increase in security caused by the trouble, so that designers more efficient encryption / unlock your computer, do not have to remember Lengthy password, the face of trouble to unlock.

P50 on the screen to do a professional, but the studio, the screen display color is not necessarily true, there may be color, over time, chromatic aberration will gradually become larger, many design studios will be equipped with color correction device, and P50 It is very rare with the X-RiTe Pantone professional color correction device, cover the screen to spend a little time to complete the adjustment of the screen color, eliminating the need to set the instrument tuning time and improve efficiency.This is common in the designer PC Is very rare, and the software will regularly remind the color correction to ensure that the studio design out of the product on the screen is the actual appearance, not because the screen color effects affect the actual results.

Similarly, we can see in the C side of the P50 outstanding control part, which has always been the advantages of ThinkPad notebook, but also after generations of outstanding product practice before the formation of a unique design.

Keyboard, the ThinkPad P50 uses a standard numeric keypad with a small red dot keyboard, with two levels of brightness adjustment of the white keyboard backlight.It continues the ThinkPad consistent high-quality use of experience, With a hard, typing experience is very comfortable for the ThinkPad P50 keyboard can be summed up in one sentence: a touch to know ThinkPad.

P50 touchpad design can be described as quite retro, the entire touchpad area without physical buttons, this is the ThinkPad touchpad solution three years ago, a lot of small black powder is also very miss the design.But the new P50 in the original foundation On the touchpad on the bottom of the additional three physical buttons in the original feel unchanged under the premise of making control more convenient, it has to say that the ThinkPad in the touchpad design can be described as under the foot work.

For a mobile workstation, the richness of the interface is very important, the designer computer often connected to a lot of equipment, if the interface will bring a lot of inconvenience.The P50 is equipped with four USB3.0 interface Two rear right two), a Type-C Thunderbolt v3 interface, HDMI interface, Mini DP interface, RJ45 network cable interface, SD card reader, ExpressCard and smart card reader slot.Whether USB expansion or external display , P50 are to cope with, it can be said that this interface is fully equipped to meet the designer for the notebook device itself needs to use the interface.

Right: USB × 2, mini DP interface, headset interface

Back: USB × 2, RJ45 network port, Type-C, HDMI

Left side: SD card reader, ExpressCard smart card reader slot

Performance Testing

In order to give you a more intuitive understanding of the P50 in terms of actual performance in the end has what kind of performance, we provide a wealth of software for a detailed test to P50 for a round of test.Especially for Intel Xeon E3-1505M this processor And NVIDIA Quadro M2000M graphics card these two parts.

Machine configuration

We use the HWiNFO64 were tested, we can see the P50 equipped with Intel Core Intel Xeon E3 processor, based on 14nm process technology, the core code-named SkyLake, with 4-core 8-thread design, the initial frequency of 2.80GHz, The shared three-level cache is 8MB and the standard TDP is 45W.

Processor basic information

Processor performance testing

We use CINEBENCH R15 on the performance of this processor has been tested, the single-core score of 123 points, 4-core score of 728 points, the overall performance is very Guards, it should be said as a mobile workstation to deal with the current application of various video images Can provide good computing performance.

In order to further test the P50 of this Xeon E3-1505M v5 processor, we also use Intel Extreme Tuning Utility for more comprehensive examination, this software is Intel's official launch of the Supreme overclocking software, we can test out the processor's highest Core Frequency acceleration frequency.

Intel ExtremeTuning Utility test

From the above figure, we can see, Xeon E3-1505M v5 maximum Turbo Boost frequency can reach 3.70GHz.

GPU performance testing

In addition, ThinkPad P50 has two GPU chips, are integrated in the processor core P530 graphics card and Quadro M2000M professional discrete graphics.Earlier Intel Xeon E3 processor is not integrated core graphics, in the mobile side Intel retained Core graphics card configuration is worth mentioning that, P50 NVIDIA's new Quadro M2000M professional-grade graphics card using NVIDIA's latest Maxwell architecture design, with 640 CUDA unit, the core frequency of 1098MHz, the maximum frequency of 1137MHz, the maximum memory Frequency 5000MHz, memory interface 128Bit, memory bandwidth 80GB / S, memory capacity 4G GDDR5, TDP is only 55W.

▲ solid-state hard drive performance test

Solid-state hard drive to enhance the experience for all to see, P50 equipped with a 500GB solid-state hard drive, AS SSD Benchmark test can be seen, the final reading score of 2077.89MB / S, write score of 1428.48MB / S. Its solid- Ability is still quite good.

Next we also used PCMark 8 to evaluate the overall performance of the product, the test project for the Creative project, which includes Web browsing, word processing, image processing, video processing and other aspects, close to the user's actual application mode.

Creative mode final score: 4939 points

We can see, P50 Creative mode is still very high, higher than the mainstream notebook a full 1000 points or so, you can say that the performance of the P50 is still very strong, as a mobile workstation, the performance is commendable of.

End Yan

Mobile Workstation is not for ordinary consumers of products, so whether the past W series, or now the P series will not become the mainstream consumer choice.To solve the pain of a designer and meet the performance requirements of all-round design PC, the studio is obviously a better choice.

For designers, the work of the main tool into a computer, but in the past and the pursuit of the feeling to buy the right brush, the computer should also be the case, in the boutique among the best choice for their own products. A product, has its own mettle, is not a good choice is to use well, or need to pay attention to some of the usual habits of the computer.For a mobile workstation, the powerful configuration and portability are indispensable, Lenovo ThinkPad P50 not only the strong configuration, relative to the Core in the instruction set has more advantages, can be applied to a variety of professional fields, often need to go out mobile office professionals can consider the shot.